EDP Renewables (Horizon Wind)

Region: Global, Latin America, North America
Industry: Utilities & Energy

EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA), a developer, owner, and operator of 28 wind farms, is the 3rd largest renewable energy company in the United States. Based in Houston, Texas, EDPR NA is committed to enabling a clean energy future for the U.S. The parent company, which operates facilities in Europe and South America, is the third largest wind energy company in the world. Current market trends, including increasing economic efficiency and acceleration of technological developments in renewable energy, support that vision.

Business Problem

Like most wind energy companies, EDPR NA’s assets are in very remote locations dispersed across the United States. Modern technology enables companies to accurately forecast wind speeds and generation potential, but the industry as a whole must still grapple with prioritizing performance issues based on severity and wind patterns, communicating knowledge across a geographically dispersed organization, and the challenge of working around the availability of resources to schedule maintenance – a more dynamic process than what traditional energy generation sources face.

Appian BPM Solution

To transform the industry-standard approach to case and process management, EDPR NA designed the COBRA (short for “COllaBoRAtion”) system using the Appian BPM platform. Appian provides comprehensive process, rules, events and analytics capabilities, combined with native mobility and social business collaboration for fast and intelligent resolution of dynamic case scenarios.

In its first 24 months of operation, COBRA captured over three hundred million dollars’ worth of ROI and created a searchable knowledge base of detailed solutions for future wind farm management, including the original case’s context, to aid decision making. COBRA also allows EDPR NA to track the frequency of issues related to specific equipment suppliers. COBRA is rapidly eliminating reliance on email-based issue tracking, collaboration and document sharing: the files in the Appian system were accessed more than 3,000 times in those first nine months.