Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

Region: North America
Industry: Transportation

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the world’s 8th largest airport in terms of traffic with a total facility covering roughly 27 square miles, making it larger than New York’s Manhattan Island. As of 2013, DFW ranked fourth globally for airports in terms of aircraft movement and reached a major milestone by achieving 200 nonstop destination flights moving in and out of its terminals.

Business Problem

Given its size, DFW needed a more efficient and reliable way to manage its back office operations. DFW mainly used paper-based processes, requiring the physical transportation of forms and files across the facility. Appian Cloud creates more modern and efficient ways to conduct business, while also supporting the airport’s goal of reducing paper consumption by 50 percent.

Appian BPM Solution

DFW chose cloud delivery to accelerate the development and deployment of its modern process solutions. They are a great example of how easy it is to roll out your vision in Appian. The CIO and his team began work on the 36 applications – and finished them in 18 months. That means they rolled out a new GA application in one of the largest organizations of its kind roughly every 12 business days. All of them are accessible together, connecting all 2,000 DFW employees to their processes, their data, and each other. Today, DFW employees can run operations from a mobile tablet as they walk through a terminal. Their breadth of awareness is extraordinary, covering the back-office, repairs, issues in the terminals, the state of DFW’s more than 200 shops and restaurants – even to know whether there are birds near the runways in order to avoid bird strikes (which is a unique app that no other airport has). They have created the airport of the future, they did it on Appian, and they did it exceptionally quickly.