Bank of Tennessee

Region: North America
Industry: Financial Services

Bank of Tennessee has been a financial services leader in the greater Tri-Cities area since 1974. Through a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has grown to employ more than 180 professionals in 11 branches and an operations center in the Northeast Tennessee region plus a business banking location in Nashville.

Business Problem

Bank of Tennessee wanted to improve its procedures while providing a collaborative environment for workers. “We wanted to streamline and automate our processes, starting with loan origination, and to provide an enterprise social environment,” says Will Barrett, senior operations officer. “At first, we looked at consumer social software products such as Jive and Yammer, but they did not address all our major concerns. We wanted a social environment that was tied to our processes and could directly impact our efficiency.”

The company looked at regional and national banks to see what their approach was for addressing those concerns. “They have the same issues but on a larger scale,” Barrett says. Given the modest size of the bank’s IT department and other resources, taking a path identical to that of many large banks was not an option because it would have entailed considerable customization and a large financial investment. Instead, Bank of Tennessee sought a solution that already included its key requirements and was affordable to develop and support.

Appian BPM Solution

Bank of Tennessee chose Appian not only for its mobile and social features, but also for its capabilities in comprehensive dynamic case management. Loan origination involves a combination of structured automation and unstructured human interaction and collaboration. It also creates volumes of paperwork that must be reviewed, approved and maintained. Appian ensures efficiency in straight-through processing and better, faster decisions in human collaborations through its suite of integrated process, business rules, content management and collaboration features.

Bank of Tennessee has integrated Appian with its core records system, its imaging system, and other ancillary systems. Making all of that power available on an iPad/iPhone, Android or BlackBerry means Bank of Tennessee’s loan officers can interact with customers to initiate, check on, or modify a loan request from anywhere.