Region: North America
Industry: Utilities & Energy

With assets of 19 billion, Ameren serves approximately 2.4 million electric customers and almost one million natural gas customers in a 64,000 square mile area of Missouri and Illinois. Ameren owns a diverse mix of electric generating plants strategically located in its Midwest market with a generating capacity of more than 16,200 megawatts and was interested in a BPM solution.

AmerenUE (formerly Union Electric Company) is a subsidiary of the larger family of Ameren electric companies combined after a 1997 merger. It is Missouri’s largest electric utility providing electric service to roughly 1.2 million customers.

Business Problem

In an on-going effort to be more responsive to customer needs and to lower the cost of power generation, Ameren looked at the business processes underlying its Design Change Notification (DCN) System. The company wanted to break away from “traditional programming” to speed up application changes, enable tracking of processes, and make report generation easier and more valuable. Generation division wanted to be more in control. Wanted ability to make application changes faster, track processes, and make report generation easier. AmerenUE also desired standardization across all plants to increase reliability.

Appian BPM Solution

Appian provided AmerenUE with an automated BPM solution for managing its design change notification system, ensuring complete control over and visibility into the entire process. Appian also created a simple environment for building reports, modifying process, and more. Talisen Technologies served as the prime contractor, providing solutions and services to achieve AmerenUE’s desired business outcomes, with Appian delivering the underlying technology required to achieve these objectives. For future customers, Talisen will leverage both Appian’s enterprise solution as well as its breakthrough Web-based, on-demand solution, depending on customer requirements.