Businesses face growing pressure from both customers and internal users to operate and innovate at digital speed. Appian is your partner to help you face these challenges head on by providing business process management (BPM) tools that automate, measure, and optimize business processes for low-code app creation.

Appian low-code app platforms are built with "write once, run everywhere" functionality, making apps accessible on any end-user device without having to add custom code.  Without the help of IT, Appian enables citizen developers to create an app to solve department issues in minutes.  Low-code accelerates the journey to digital by:

  • Empowering - quickly turn app ideas into real innovation
  • Building - easy app development with no coding experience necessary
  • Launching -  ideas become fully functional in-use apps in minutes
  • Changing - adapting quickly to market changes, new technologies, and customer expectations

Appian is one of the most trusted and reliable low-code platforms that aligns process automation, collaboration, and data management thanks to modern BPM. 

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