Legacy app development methods can't keep up with the demands of modern businesses moving at digital speed. This is why there has been a shift to low-code technology. Appian's low-code platform was designed to overcome legacy challenges by simplifying the business app creation processes and allowing users with little to no coding experience to quickly customize apps without having to write any code themselves.

Low-code business process management (BPM) tools built into the Appian Platform fuels rapid app creation so that your enterprise can keep up with the hundreds of applications it needs. Transform your organization at digital speed and reduce low code BPM challenges with:

  • Easy app development - designed for citizen developers with no coding experience
  • Design constructs - relational databases, forms and processes, record pages, and reports created automatically in just three easy steps
  • Native mobility - anywhere, anytime access, whether offline or online
  • Usable foundations - apps can be extended using Appian's full designer to meet more complex requirements
  • Controls and measures - in place to help you get ahead of shadow IT

A wide range of BPM software technologies are coming together to change the way people work, and Appian low-code technology is driving this functionality. 

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