Insurance companies need the flexibility to continually retool their software systems to accommodate new features and processes while  keeping up in today's marketplace. Time is of the essence for meeting the expectations of  mobile-centric policyholders and waiting months to implement improvements is not an option. Appian's low-code digital transformation platform allows insurers the flexibility they desire to create a highly intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) system. With little lead time, managers can create a CRM system that impeccably handles, manages, and tracks cases from inception to completion.

Appian enables insurance CRM in the cloud by offering flexible process controls, access to powerful dashboards and analytics, and solutions that allow rapid time to value with our integrated end-to-end app. 

The Appian platform streamlines processes in case management and automates the workflow by:

  • Automatically assigning cases to managers and creating case tickets
  • Preparing case plans
  • Maintaining ticket history
  • Tracking case manager's performance

Eliminate the time-consuming manual processes that impede progress by implementing insurance CRM on the Appian platform for a successful digital transformation.  For more information, download our complimentary Forrester Report and gain insight on digital business technology.