The rise of the empowered consumer has been on the radar of healthcare CIO’s and executives for a while, but 2017 will see the conversation change from understanding the impact, to ensuring the tools are in place to engage with healthcare consumers. 

Appian’s digital transformation platform is the unified solution for healthcare providers and payers to unite users with all their data, processes, and collaborators. 

The low-code functionality of our platform enables easy application development with no coding experience necessary. Our healthcare software solution allows leaders and managers to create powerful process workflow applications in minutes to meet the evolving expectations of all stakeholders involved in the healthcare journey. 

The world’s most innovative organizations use Appian to:

  • Integrate with consumer devices for a 360-degree view
  • Make better, smarter, faster decisions with real-time data
  • Deliver dynamic and ad hoc processes
  • Provide meaningful consumer engagement

Choose Appian for its powerful capabilities that simplify and unify healthcare to exceed the needs of the empowered consumer. Read the complimentary Forrester report for an in-depth review of healthcare predictions and how the empowered consumer fits in to the prediction.