Healthcare Process Improvements are undoubtedly influenced by the emergence and popularity of mobile wearable health trackers, such as the Apple Watch or FitBit. Healthcare organizations are starting to recognize the tremendous value of these wearable and mobile devices and their transition beyond consumers to provide tremendous gains for leading industries.

Leading global healthcare organizations are implementing portable devices and mobile solutions to improve healthcare provider and need better process software to manage healthcare process improvement.

But are the devices themselves enough to create process improvement in healthcare?

Download this whitepaper to examine:

  • The Provider Perspective: Wearables’ emergence creates cutting-edge services
  • The Payer Perspective: Re-defining data to connect millions
  • How forward-looking organizations must connect the growing amounts of data to real-process in order for healthcare process improvement to occur
  • How an application platform can deliver new value and new work practices while preserving what is unique about an organization