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Account Opening

With BPM, the time needed for approval for account openings has decreased from days to minutes. The automated and consistent process dramatically decreased account abandonment rates, and increased customer satisfaction. We also have experienced an increase in new applications and significant reduction in operational costs.

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Acquisition and Procurement

Our BPM-based e-procurement solution is the core of our new Enterprise Business Modernization (EBM) System. It allows us to better manage the procurement lifecycle, creating efficient, integrated “one-stop shopping” for our procurement teams. The system is an end-to-end solution that connects our procurement operations, systems, and personnel in a collaborative, process-driven procurement framework.

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Aligning Data Across Systems

In order to create a system for our business needs, we patched together multiple information technology tools over the years. This system required lots of manual data entry with the same data having to be entered into multiple applications. Extracting information from this system was also a challenge both for general inquiries and standardized reporting. All of this limited the business’s ability to optimize processes and scale our efforts. Maintenance costs were also high due to a siloed development approach.

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Automate Evolving Business Processes

An automated process has allowed us to remove repetitive steps while still keeping our key business rules. Another important part of our adoption of BPM is that it will grow and evolve with us as the advertising market continues to change. Because of our success we’ve decided to build additional applications to transform other areas of our organization.

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Capital Expenditures

Integrating a mobile application and streamlining the workflow for capital expense approvals has allowed us to cut off days from the approval process. It also has provided critical visibility into what part of the process the documents are in.

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Claims Management

With BPM, we now have the process visibility and control needed to guarantee that the right contractor is assigned, that the repair workflow proceeds smoothly, that service quality meets our high standards, and that proper internal and customer reporting occurs at every stage.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Use BPM to document processes according to industry-specified frameworks, assign control tests, identify risks and raise and track issues. By consolidating all audit information in a single, web-based interface, BPM allows us to effectively manage financial risk and ensure compliance.

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Contract Management Solution

Before this custom application we were unable to link cross-system business data into a centralized view. Now that we have a tool in place to do this we’ve increased the level of visibility into our properties providing key business intelligence when bringing on new properties and managing existing ones.

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