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Appian Acquisition Business Management (ABM)

Modern. Flexible. Agile.

Customer Spotlight

Defense Acquisition University

quoteAppian's BPM platform provides us a state-of-the-art
tool for implementing financial controls, collaboration and performance reporting to optimize our procurement processes."

-Mark Whiteside, Performance and Resource Management Director,
Defense Acquisition University

An Accredited BPM Solution for End-to-End Acquisition

Appian Acquisition Business Management (ABM) is a modern, agile, and accredited solution that provides an efficient and flexible acquisition application for the Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies. ABM automates all aspects of the acquisition process and easily tailors them to the unique requirements, contract writing, and program management needs of each acquisition organization. Unlike commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, ABM can be easily modified by each organization, avoiding the “process gaps” and manual workarounds typical with acquisition software systems, where the vendor controls what changes can be made.

Appian’s Acquisition Business Management solution covers every step of the Federal purchasing lifecycle with these key features:

  • Delivers a unified platform with business logics, rules, system integration components, user interfaces, native mobile clients, reports and dashboards
  • Provides immediate functionality with all common contracting functions such as Acquisition Plan Creation, Solicitation/Award Document Generation, CLIN/SLIN Creation, Clause Logic/Library already enabled and easily adaptable to unique needs
  • Supports the Federal Government’s “Cloud First” mandate with authority to operate (ATO) under the FISMA act and FISMA Moderate accreditation by the GSA
  • Reduces costs and increases the efficiency of remote workers with built-in mobile BPM capabilities to support the Federal Government’s efforts to enable telework
  • Improves visibility and auditability with access to 360-degree view of information and process flow
  • Ensures compliance by enforcing processes and business rules, managing data and events

ABM allows you to wrap and extend the portions of your existing system that are working well and fix the parts that aren’t, shortening the time required to have a great system and substantially reducing risk as compared to COTS solutions that require a complete “rip and replace”.

Acquisition Business Management

ABM is the fastest and easiest way to get an acquisition solution to meet current needs and evolve with future needs. More and more DoD and civilian agencies are moving off rigid, difficult to use and expensive to maintain acquisition solutions in favor of Appian’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use ABM platform. Read the customer success stories below to understand how some of the largest Federal agencies are already benefiting from Appian’s Acquisition Business Management Solution and our BPM platform.

Featured Appian Acquisition Customers

Defense Information Systems
Army Redstone
US Marine Corps
Appian Acquisition Business Management

Acquisition Business Management An Accredited BPM Solution for End-to-End Federal Acquisition.

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