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Mobile Business Process Management

Turn BPM Software into Enterprise Mobile Applications with One Click

Today, a mobile revolution is upon us, and now more than ever customers expect to be connected to their critical business processes while on-the-go. Appian is leading this revolution in mobile computing with the first and complete solution for mobile business process management (BPM). Using Appian’s native applications for leading mobile devices, users are empowered to communicate, take action, track events, send requests, receive notifications, and integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and database systems. Real process efficiency is achieved through empowering every participant with instant access to business processes no matter where they might be.

Mobile AccessMobile Access

Access key data, events, and tasks to receive timely updates and take proactive actions. Available on every major mobile platform, Appian includes rich collaboration, mobile forms and task approval, notifications, and security to support your enterprise mobility needs for a wide variety of use cases.
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Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development

Quickly modernize your enterprise's processes and systems for the latest mobile devices. Appian’s drag-and-drop design tools empower developers to rapidly create and deploy mobile interfaces in a native mobile app across multiple devices without writing a single line of code. 
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Mobile BPM SecuritySecurity

Appian's native mobile client applications, like the overall Appian BPM platform, are designed to operate in a high-security environment for enterprise clients. Specific mobile security features include:
  • Server side authentication management
  • Encrypted communication
  • Encyrption of local data
  • Local Application Passcode
  • SAML Authentication Support
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