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Low-Code Development

Your IT budget was cut in half. Your business is doubling demands for innovative solutions. You? You’re working to keep the lights on. Sound familiar? With increasing demands, dwindling resources, and evaporating time, how can you deliver? Low-Code from Appian.

Low-Code Empowers Users


  • Turn ideas into real innovation, empowering citizen developers to create business apps that truly make a difference.
  • Build, launch, and change powerful apps faster than you thought possible with a low-code development platform.
  • Enable citizen developers to create an app to solve his department’s issue on his own in minutes…and without the help of IT.
  • Meet evolving digital expectations of prospects, customers, employees, and constituents.
  • Create digital transformation as a by-product of organizational innovation instead of a loose corporate goal.

Hear initial customer reactions to "…exciting, game-changing, awesome, amazing, fantastic…" new technology.

What is it?
Build Low-Code Apps


  • Easy app development, designed for citizen developers with no coding experience necessary.
  • Design constructs—relational databases, forms and processes, record pages, and reports—created automatically…in just three steps.
  • Native mobility with anytime, anywhere access, whether online or offline.
  • Citizen Developers create usable foundations for new apps that can then be extended using Appian’s full designer to meet more complex requirements.
  • Controls and measures in place to help you get ahead of shadow IT.

Can Low-Code Platforms Deliver on Their Promise? PC Mag Investigates.

What Are Their Findings?
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  • Speed at the core: Ideas become fully functional, in-use apps in minutes, not months.
  • Integration with processes, systems, and other enterprise apps is all in place…automatically.
  • Native Mobility just happens at launch, with apps that are available anytime, anywhere…online, offline…and on any mobile device.
  • Unity where all apps are connected to the most current, complete data from across your enterprise.
  • Experience is key; apps are simple and intuitive…and work as expected right away.

Low-Code Tools Fuel Business Transformation at Digital Speed

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  • Adapt quickly to market changes, customer expectations, new technologies, and more.
  • Evolve ideas and apps into sophisticated, powerful solutions tailored to your customers, employees, and constituents.
  • Expand apps to address bigger, more complex challenges with full design tools.
  • Transform your organization to avoid falling behind and to become a digital leader.
  • Achieve full digital transformation by removing friction and clearing the path for real innovation.