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BPM for Transportation

Keep moving…fast.

When things must keep moving — no matter what — standardization, automation, and flexibility are key. There isn’t time for how things get done to get in the way. Appian drives excellence with a flexible, natively mobile application platform that addresses transportation industry needs. Enhanced collaboration, optimized processes, unlocked business intelligence.

Plane boarding

Incident Management

  • Capture incident reports from across channels: mobile, email, social and traditional media
  • Speed response by automating processes and connecting people, systems, and devices
  • Handle incident cases through consolidated records, offering a single view of all related information
  • Increase awareness with social collaboration and real-time incident tracking
  • Discover patterns, leveraging analytics to find common incidents and predict future behavior

How One of the World’s Largest Airports Keeps Things Moving Automatically

Fleet of trucks

Fleet Management

  • Optimize operations, automating problem resolution with industry-leading BPM capabilities
  • Increase visibility of assets with real-time information summaries from across systems and devices
  • Converge enterprise systems and data into a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Continually grow a searchable knowledge base with centralized records
  • Scale on demand by leveraging a flexible application platform
Appian BPM reports software

Safety and Compliance

  • Reduce incidents by embedding process standardization and BPM methodology
  • Optimize safety performance with Business Activity Monitoring and real-time analytics
  • Maintain governance with business rules and task management capabilities
  • Achieve compliance as a by-product of foundational records management and reporting
  • Monitor critical events automatically with smart agents

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“Appian enabled me to hit a grand slam.”

– William Flowers, CIO, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport


The Transportation Industry Trusts Appian to Keep Things Moving

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