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BPM for Telecom and Media

Digitally transform.

Complicated systems, rigid workflows, paper-based processes. Sound familiar?  Cross the digital divide with an application platform that converges systems, data, and processes. Deploy easy-to-build, easy-to-use enterprise apps. Achieve more visibility, better customer service, and accelerated growth with Appian.


Market Development

  • Drive growth by connecting everything: data, process, people, and devices
  • Increase operational pace, automating core processes and eliminating reliance on paper
  • Enable predictability with automated governance based on business rules and optimized process
  • Reduce time spent on reporting, training, and data entry
  • Accelerate time-to-market through automation of critical product lifecycle processes
Customer Service Representative

Customer Service

  • Streamline contact center operations with a single, modern interface that converges systems, data, and people
  • Accelerate what impacts the customer by automating order fulfillment and service activation processes
  • Reduce churn, improving customer experience with repeatable, predictable process outcomes
  • Engage across channels with intuitive CRM that works on any device
  • Address ever-changing customer needs with easy-to-create mobile apps that run on a flexible work platform
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Infrastructure Management

  • Manage cases through consolidated records, offering a single view of related information and documentation
  • Speed response by automating processes and connecting people, systems, and devices
  • Maintain continuous power by embedding standardized, automated process
  • Optimize performance with structured collaboration on every issue
  • Continually grow a searchable knowledge base with centralized records that converge data from everywhere
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Security and Risk Management

  • Mitigate risk automatically through self-optimizing processes based on trends and past performance
  • Embrace governance with standardized, rule-based processes and task management capabilities
  • Address compliance challenges as a by-product of sound, auditable process
  • Preserve operational integrity with processes based on dynamic business rules
  • Maintain security of information by embedding security protocols

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