Store Management

How can you leverage digital transformation to drive productivity and efficiency in your business operations?

Efficient retailers require visibility and consistency across all locations, and throughout the supply chain. Project execution is critical; from in-store and remote-site inspection tracking, to auto-generating work orders, to ensuring managers have real-time views and analysis of store conditions. With the Appian platform, and its native mobile capabilities, the focus is on optimizing operations while maintaining tight cost margins.

“With the Appian platform, we retired manual operating procedures and reduced the remodel time for our retail outlets from 35 days to 13 days.”

John Kwamya, Director of Business Process, NBTY

Contact Appian to learn more about technology to drive operational excellence in the retail sector:

  • Streamline store inspections and modernize site operations with mobile capabilities.
  • Empower managers with real-time access to store conditions across sites.
  • Speed time-to-resolution with the ability to quickly create and run apps.
  • Automate financial processes to maximize profit, reduce errors, and ease compliance burdens.