Eligibility and Enrollment

How do you combine extensive business rules functionality with Appian data records capability to deliver quality interactions for eligibility and enrollment services?

Across the globe, thousands of government programs are available to provide assistance to eligible constituents. Combining extensive business rule based processes with integrations to both new and old government systems allows our customers the ability to deliver Constituent facing Eligibility and Enrollment systems that reduce time and effort for all stakeholders.

Applications are playing a growing role in helping government organizations provide public services. Being able to deliver apps to constituents to help them engage with the government can be a powerful way to streamline public-private interactions and reduce the costs that come with serving communities.

Contact Appian to learn more about services to modernize Eligibility and Enrollment programs:

  • Combine the functionality of Appian’s SAIL development language with mobile capabilities to deliver dynamic enrollment forms.
  • Leverage Appian business rules to drive complex eligibility determinations.
  • User reports to watch over critical data throughout the E&E process.
  • Deploy on the cloud for increased capacity during seasonal enrollment fluctuations.