Constituent Case Management

How can you unify external and internal mission-critical data with omni-channel communication to deliver exceptional constituent services?

The work of government continues long after a constituent is deemed eligible for government programs. Delivering benefits and services to constituents is a core function of Government, and with Appian, interactions from multiple data sources can be integrated seamlessly into a single, unified view of a constituent. Omni-Channel delivery including mobile, allow Government case management services to be delivered in a consistent manner cross a variety of demographics.

Our journey with Appian is about much more than just a product. It is about our journey to Agile development and rapid delivery of modern capabilities to gain better control over our work.

Chad Sheridan, CIO, USDA RMA

Contact Appian to learn more about how Appian can help government agencies and contractors optimize their contact centers:

  • Make constituent case management available anytime on a desktop or any mobile device, online and offline.
  • Reduce excess paperwork and manual processes to streamline constituent services.
  • Leverage one system to support all the process lifecycle stages, rather than multiple disconnected systems.
  • Easily access and share Records for collaboration across service delivery channels.