Maintaining patient safety is the most important objective for any life sciences company. Demands on Pharmacovigilance (PV) organizations are increasing as health authorities seek to reduce exposure to medications where risks outweigh benefits. Geographically disbursed groups and manual tracking tools create a lack of visibility into everyday PV activities. Companies are confronted daily with multiple inputs that require fast analysis and response. With Appian, clear information and rapid collaboration are possible in order to make appropriate decisions. Manage and mitigate risk, and apply best practices to monitor and control your Pharmacovigilance activities.

“Why did we decide on Appian? The software fits the process. That was one of the biggest factors. We were able to make an application that fit our needs.” 

Signal Management Officer

Contact Appian to learn more about pharmacovigilance capabilities for Life Sciences:

  • Eliminate manual processes by automating adverse event case management and reporting.
  • Reduce costs and time from signal detection to adjudication and labeling changes.
  • Accelerate the right decision with built-in mobile and social collaboration technologies.
  • Increase visibility with complete records of all pharmacovigilance elements from across systems.