Sales, Marketing & Distribution

How can you go beyond traditional channels and channel conflict to deliver growth and create customer loyalty in an omni-channel world?

Rapidly expanding distribution channels create new challenges. Growth-oriented insurers require enabling technology that can connect across products, channels, customer segments, and geographies. With Appian, you can take an omni-channel approach to your sales, marketing and distribution that considers the customer-centric view, provides support across channels and integrates with core systems through digital transformation.

“We are enabling our front-line people to really serve our customers. This is fundamentally changing the way I run my operation.”  

Director of Operations, large insurance company

Contact Appian to learn more about sales, marketing and distribution capabilities for Financial Services and Insurance:

  • Enable your producers to be more effective in selling policies
  • Bridge communication gaps with natively mobile collaboration
  • Integrate governance and compliance for sales and marketing materials
  • Streamline by connecting process, information and people on a single insurance technology platform.