BPM for Government

Many systems, one solution.

Appian centralizes processes, systems, and data to improve productivity and ease the burdens of government IT. And, with native mobility and FISMA-certified cloud delivery, Appian’s BPM software can be deployed on your terms at a fraction of the time and cost of other options. Unify systems, automate processes, collaborate more effectively.

Capital Building


  • Close the Productivity Gap with Appian’s agile, future-first application platform
  • Enhance field engagement through Appian’s natively mobile solutions
  • Get the right information with records that centralize data from across systems
  • Increase available spend by leveraging one platform to address multiple challenges
  • Ease IT burdens, leveraging Appian’s portable, FISMA-certified cloud platform

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Case Management Worker

Case Management

  • Enforce policies and procedures in case handling to achieve agency goals
  • Simplify and speed access to case information with complete records across multiple systems
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing with a secured, intuitive collaborative interface
  • Promote visibility and accountability with real-time case reports
  • Capture and share files for quick access to case management information

Be Ready for the Future: Modern and Mobile Federal Case Solutions

Navy Ship Yard

Acquisition and Procurement

  • Get the full picture with real-time visibility into PALT and agency spend
  • Reduce complexity by using a single, FAR/DFAR-compliant platform
  • Engage with vendors more easily for open, competitive bids on every purchase
  • Guide and enforce approval processes with automation, business rules, and task management
  • Consolidate information from multiple systems in a single place for a more complete view

Better Address the Acquisition Process, Including Planning, Requirements, Pre-Solicitation, Solicitation, Award, and Post-Award Management

Government Building

Incident Management

  • Capture incident reports from across channels: mobile, email, social, and traditional media
  • Speed response by automating processes and connecting people, systems, and devices
  • Handle incident cases through consolidated records, offering a single view of related information and documentation
  • Increase awareness with collaboration and real-time incident tracking
  • Discover patterns, leveraging analytics to find common incidents and predict future behavior

Guiding Principles for Federal Government CIOs

Government Grant Worker


  • Reduce reliance on paper with future-first technology that works on any computer or mobile device
  • Streamline applications, review, and approvals through automation of core processes
  • Track grant allocations through centralized reporting and routing from Federal to State to Local and back
  • Improve data management with a single repository for grant data pulled from across systems
  • Become time predictable with task management, business rules, and automated routing

Listen to the Market

“…America’s future now depends on our capacity to innovate and harness technology…That’s even more true of the federal government.”

— Former U.S. Federal CIO, Steven VanRoakel

More than 40 U.S. Federal Agencies and Numerous Public-Sector Institutions Trust Appian

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