Product & Asset Management

How do you improve new product introduction and streamline your targeted marketing campaigns?

From retail banking to asset management, financial services organizations must continually adapt and target their offerings to meet their customers growth strategies. With Appian’s asset management digital transformation platform, you can align the moving parts of product management by enforcing a disciplined and policy-based approach, while speeding campaign process hand-offs between individuals and teams. Achieve better results through real-time collaboration and an easily accessible trails of associated notes and documentation.

Within the CME Group, eight different divisions are leveraging Appian to automate 23 unique applications, including the Product Launch application, for an 80% time to market reduction.

Contact Appian to learn more about product and asset management capabilities in global capital markets and banking:

  • Adapt to changing markets and customer segments with product lifecycle management capabilities
  • Make better decisions, faster with up-to-date information and the context that makes it actionable
  • Improve customer experience with an intuitive user interface and native mobile capabilities
  • Streamline operations, automating critical processes to speed time to market