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Business Process Management Software Solutions

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Appian improves how work gets done, transforming your complex, interwoven processes, data, and systems into an easy to design, execute, manage, and optimize application platform. Available in the cloud, or on-premise, Appian empowers you to drive growth, optimize efficiency, address governance, risk, and compliance, and enhance customer service.

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Drive Growth

  • Launch new business models – Rapidly design new BPM processes, converge information from across systems, identify trends, and get to market more quickly
  • Adapt for big change – Become more agile and easily adapt to market dynamics, regulatory compliance, new technology, and future challenges
  • Embrace mobility – Align with how your employees work and your customers operate by designing applications once and deploying across mobile devices
  • Remove obstacles – Unify silos of information while incorporating social BPM to drive contextual awareness
  • Introduce new products – Accelerate the product lifecycle from idea conception to design, through development and launch

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Maximize Operational Efficiency

  • Embed business process management – Automate manual operations and integrate process, data, systems, and people to increase agility and improve how your organization runs
  • Improve financial operations – Streamline financial operations: order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, record-to-report, and more
  • Optimize procurement – Automate manual procurement functions and maximize value
  • Enhance human resource management – Streamline core processes: recruiting, security processing, on-boarding, talent management, off-boarding
  • Upgrade back office operations – Quickly build automated solutions and drive greater visibility of organizational performance

Address Governance, Risk, Compliance

  • Governance – Ensure enforcement of how your organization operates with the structured approach of a BPM solution
  • Risk analysis – Use BPM-driven process to analyze risk and provide visibility across divisional silos
  • Regulatory compliance – Ensure regulatory compliance with built-in business rules for consistency and reliability
  • Real-time visibility – Track and report on overall business performance, including SLA achievement, industry compliance, and other regulatory issues
  • Change management – Adapt easily to ever-changing regulations with dynamic business rules and point-and-click design tools
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Enhance Customer Service

  • CRM – Use an application platform to align awareness with knowledge and ensure appropriate action is taken
  • Customer communication management – Deploy automated processes to handle bulk generation of customer communications and delivery via multiple channels
  • Next best action – Deliver superior customer experience, leveraging centralized records and predictive analytics to always take the best action
  • Social engagement – Create reliable processes to listen and appropriately respond to customers across social media
  • Mobile sales – Expand your Salesforce with natively mobile CRM solutions

Many Appian Customers are Realizing the Benefits of a BPM Solution

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“The Appian BPM Suite, with its mobile and social capabilities, is truly an enabler that is changing the way we work with our business partners and ultimately how we service our clients.”

— Brian Flyn, Global CIO, Crawford


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