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Enterprise Application Platform

Appian makes building, launching, using, and changing powerful enterprise apps easy. Create easy-to-use, natively mobile applications. Unify all of your processes, data, systems, and apps. Build once and deploy everywhere. Be better at what makes your organization stand out…with Appian.

Beyond BPM: Are You Ready?

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Enterprise application platform

Build Enterprise Apps

Create enterprise applications that address your toughest challenges…with virtually no coding.

  • Single rapid application development platform to create problem-solving apps
  • Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the complex
  • Pre-built accelerators make embedding complex functions easy
  • Native mobility makes everything instantly mobile-ready with no additional effort
  • Ease-of-design makes time-to-launch exceptionally fast

What are the three attributes of great business apps?

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Rapid Application Development

Launch Quickly

Build once. Deploy everywhere.

  • Low-code, high-productivity design tools for citizen developers
  • Pre-built connectors provide fast integration to virtually any system
  • Real-time test capabilities ensure what you build works as intended
  • Market-leading business process management embedded for continuity across apps
  • Native mobility means it works anywhere on any device, anytime…whether online or offline.
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment always aligns with your business needs

Better align business with IT

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Empower your workforce with our easy business app platform

Easy to Use

Empower your workforce with the right information…right when it’s needed.

  • Intuitive user interfaces deliver great user experiences
  • Embedded security protects user and company data
  • Intelligent filters speed the path to knowledge
  • Enterprise records converge information from across systems in a single click
  • Social collaboration unites everything to increase employee innovation

Answering the Custom Software Riddle

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Easy to use business application platform

Embrace Change

Your applications are ready for anything.

  • Application Lifecycle Management tools scale for thousands of developers
  • Agile methodologies accommodate rapid application development and change
  • Unlimited applications on a single platform to achieve your business goals
  • Point-and-click design dramatically cuts time typically needed to change custom apps
  • Process-at-the-center keeps operations consistent and effective
  • Ultimately flexible with portability from on-premise to cloud as needed

The Appian Platform supports the strictest security and compliance standards, including PCI, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

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