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Knowledge is Power.

When an important decision is on the line, where do your employees and partners go for complete, accurate, timely information? Chances are it’s everywhere and nowhere — knowledge lives among multiple systems that are difficult or impossible to connect. With Appian Records, knowledge can be unified, intelligent, and available instantly.

Appian Records Fixes Your Monster Problem

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Organize Records

Organize Your Enterprise

  • Categorize important information by business topic, not where the information resides
  • Automate and analyze the end-to-end journeys of your customers and assets
  • Connect all applications to one or more core business topics (examples: Customer, Product, Employee, Service Request, Sale)
  • Integrate structured data, documents, reports, and collaboration for the deepest possible view
  • Avoid long, costly system consolidation projects by virtualizing data — create relevant topics and views in a matter of days
Integrate Systems

Integrate Systems

  • Grab data from multiple internal and external systems, consolidated by business topic
  • View secure, personalized information in real-time
  • Speed up development with built-in web service, database, and enterprise software connectors
  • Securely connect in the cloud, behind a firewall, or both
Take Faster Action with Records

Take Action

  • Initiate structured processes or flexible cases, straight from a business topic
  • Make decisions with the complete picture, for better customer engagement and faster resolutions
  • Collaborate with fellow employees on one or more records
  • Connect all tasks, processes, and notifications directly to key business topics
  • Orchestrate activities and updates across multiple business systems
View Records Anywhere

Your Data, Anywhere

  • Business-friendly user interface for browsing and searching enterprise data by topic — optimized for web and mobile
  • Native iOS and Android apps for secure, mobile access to all enterprise data
  • Consolidate multiple system views into rich, dynamic dashboards and interactive reports
  • Share business topics with other applications via REST APIs or embedded user interfaces