Customer Journey

End-to-End Customer Acquisition and Service.

  • See everything: Integrate multiple CRM systems for a complete view
  • Get organized: Appian Records surface important information around Customers, Opportunities, Service Requests, and more
  • Stay in the loop: receive alerts and collaborate on important customer lifecycle events
  • Lower your risk: automate and document compliance-sensitive processes
  • Provide better and faster customer service via web or mobile channels

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Employee Journey

Maximize Productivity.

  • Onboard employees efficiently to support company growth
  • Automate recruiting and hiring processes, including electronic documentation and integration with external recruiting sites
  • Manage workload and assign skill-based tasks using intelligent BPM
  • Track employee contributions, quotas, and performance reviews in a single Record

See how Appian’s Customers are increasing employee productivity.

Product Journey

From Idea to Execution.

  • Develop good ideas faster: automate proposal and idea review processes
  • Coordinate product development and testing across teams and regions
  • Implement customized sales and distribution models
  • Instant feedback: track and analyze sales data through records and reports
  • Respond quickly to customer service or compliance issues

Companies across all industries have optimized the Product Journey.

Asset Journey

Maximize value, minimize costs.

  • Automate and streamline complex acquisition requirements
  • Track the 360-degree view of an asset, with data coming from many virtual and physical sources, using Records
  • Perform assessments and inspections on-site using the Appian Mobile app
  • Automate repair and servicing processes to minimize downtime

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