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All businesses have one thing in common. They’re all different. Different plans. Different processes. Different cultures. Be better at being different…with Appian. Use market-leading BPM Software to design, execute, manage, and optimize your processes so you can be better at what makes you truly stand out.

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Appian Design Process

Design Processes

  • BPMN process solutions, rapidly built through drag-and-drop functionality
  • Native process repository captures and stores process models for rapid reuse
  • Business rules to define your critical policies and procedures
  • Forms interface design enables fast creation of task forms and dashboards
  • Complex event processing for tracking, analyzing, and responding to business events

What is BPM? More than you think.

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Appian Process Executiong

Execute with Ease

  • Instant deployment of your newly built solutions on a scalable, flexible platform
  • Out-of-the-box Integration with diverse systems
  • Built-in enterprise mobility delivers responsive. mobile user experiences with no extra work
  • Appian Records unify all data from across systems and processes in a single location
  • Intuitive user interfaces deliver great user experiences

How can BPM help your organization?

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Appian's Task Manager

Manage Tasks

  • Real-time management tools monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks, and view performance
  • Task management increases worker efficiency and reduces costs
  • Real-time visibility provides granular tracking of process and task progress
  • Skills-based routing ensures the right worker gets the right task
  • Social collaboration across people, processes, and systems drives awareness
Appian Process Optimization

Continually Optimize

  • Continuous process improvement constantly evolves business performance
  • Aggregated process history analysis identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Predictive analytics leverage past performance and trends to create self-optimizing processes
  • Dynamic reporting provides real-time visibility into business operations
  • Appian Labs applies Appian BPM expertise to your process design and performance

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“[Appian] combines the best of business process management, social business, mobile access, and cloud deployment.”

– Ryan Johnson, Asst. VP, Enterprise Rent-a-Car


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