Case management is becoming extremely important as government agencies are tasked with supporting a larger number of households.

Case management key as more households turn to government services

Effective case management solutions play a vital role in enabling government organizations to handle the specific cases of individuals and households who are accessing various public services. Read More »

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Mobile BPM solutions play a key role in supporting more mature mobility strategies.

Mobility strategies maturing across the enterprise

Enterprise mobility strategies are rising, putting businesses in a situation in which they need to use business process management strategies to find better ways to align work operations with mobile technologies. Read More »

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BPM plays a key role in helping organizations maximize the value of their cloud investments.

Process advances integral to capitalizing on the cloud’s potential

Cloud BPM solutions simultaneously make advanced process management functionality more accessible and help organizations connect processes across operational channels. Read More »

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Process automation particularly integral in financial settings

Business process management can be an invaluable asset for organizations that are working to implement process automation. Read More »

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How can organizations with distributed operations support collaboration?

Collaboration has been a talking point in the enterprise for a long time, but some challenges have remained constant in this area. Read More »

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Finding success with enterprise social strategies hinges on effective process management.

Going social isn’t just about using enterprise social media

Enterprise social trends are hitting a wall as companies face a simple problem – what happens when employees don’t bother to use the social media tools we buy? Read More »

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BPM – Delivering efficiency in financial services

The financial services sector is facing a revolutionary move toward supporting new technologies and services to meet both internal and customer requirements. Read More »

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Unify strategy and technology to maximize BPM success

The business process management industry is rising as more organizations recognize the importance of aligning their day-to-day operations with organizational and technological demands. Read More »

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Cloud computing delivers business agility, BPM unlocks this potential

Organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud because they want to become more agile as a business. Read More »

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BPM solutions are becoming essential as more organizations are becoming dependent on mobile devices.

Process excellence critical as mobility leads to flexible work methods

Getting teams to collaborate effectively is a huge challenge in any organizations. Read More »

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