Tips & Tricks: The Modern UI

What’s modern?

Is it the here and now? 

Is it forward looking?

Is it the future?


Especially when you consider user interfaces…AKA UI…modern can mean all of those things.

  • Is it beautiful?
  • Intuitive?
  • Responsive?

If it’s modern, the answer…again…is yes.

Which brings us to a very special Appian Tips & Tricks webinar.

On Thursday, September 8 we’ll take a peek into the Appian Modern UI, with a presentation by Appian’s user experience team on our latest initiative, “Modern UI.”

Get a glimpse of the sleek and modern new look.

See what’s coming and know what to expect.

Plus, get quick advice on building engaging interfaces directly from the Appian UX team.

During this 60-minute session, you’ll:

  • Understand what’s coming and how to prepare for it
  • Get a peek into the future of Appian SAIL
  • Learn about improvements and how they’ll make your Appian investment even better

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I hope you can join us!


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Zach Messler