Pushing Process to the Edge of the Enterprise

Are you content with the status quo? The desire to evolve is embedded in our DNA. We grow, we learn, we better our lives, and hope the generation after us will have an even brighter future. For professionals who improve processes to increase business performance, an “as-is” process is simply not good enough. They look for ways to create a vision for “to-be” processes in the ideal state, then utilize methodologies, resources, and technologies to implement them for real, measurable benefits.

Pushing process to the edge to incorporate customers and partners has long been a goal of BPM. With social and mobile technology, that goal is now being realized. Instead of improving fixed and standardized processes (think manufacturing assembly line), today’s BPM professionals have to consider various dynamic, spontaneous, and often unpredictable interactions from multiple channels.

If you are interested in knowing how BPM can help triple sales revenues, Appian World is an event you must attend. Learn how Punch Taverns, a leading pub company in the UK, uses Appian to radically streamline its investment process and optimize performance “at the edge.” Given limited staff and resources, effective management of and investment in 4,500 properties are key drivers to maintain high quality and earn more than $300 millions in revenue.

Kevin Dalley, the IT Director at Punch Taverns, will share how he and his team utilized an agile approach to improve the investments process and implement a worksocial solution using Appian. Find out how they create trusted partnerships to build sustainable, successful businesses, and create measurable returns for the company.

Don’t miss this chance to learn how Punch Taverns and other companies are pushing process to the edge of the enterprise. Be sure to attend the full conference and join us for the welcome reception. We won’t be able to bring the Punch Taverns experience to DC but you may have a pint on Appian. Don’t delay and register for Appian World today. Cheers to your BPM success!

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing