Attend Appian World – Where worksocial Comes to Life

Want to know how to work more effectively and leverage social technologies efficiently? Come to Appian World to learn more about worksocial. See how worksocial can unleash workforce productivity and creativity by combining the power of work automation and social software.

Appian World will feature luminary industry analysts, Appian customers, and executives to share insights on disruptive new technologies that are changing the way we work, how they’re leveraging them, and visions for the future. In addition, the conference will include beginner, developer, and business tracks for attendees of varying skills and interests.

The “Starting the Journey” track is for attendees new to Appian and to BPM. The first breakout session, “worksocial Comes to Life,” will showcase a number of functional applications built on Appian. These worksocial applications incorporate Business Process Management (BPM), collaborative social features, and native mobile access to extend participation to all users in the enterprise in an integrated suite. In addition, see how dynamic rules, case management, and analytics play a role in an intelligent BPM Suite (iBPMS).

In “worksocial Comes to Life”, we will share and demonstrate how to leverage Appian’s worksocial capabilities in the following scenario:

  • Accelerate new customer on-boarding
  • Increase productivity at field inspections
  • Simplify IT service request management

The broad use cases apply to multiple industries, from financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, services, to government and more. These modern BPM software applications are all built on Appian’s enterprise software platform, available on-premise or in the cloud, to simplify IT administration and maintenance. They are also easily accessible through social and mobile interfaces: business users can receive updates, complete tasks, initiate actions, and track accounts or cases wherever they are.

Register for Appian World today to see how to apply worksocial across a variety of scenarios, functions, and departments in “worksocial Comes to Life” and other sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and network with Appian executives, experts, customers, and partners to learn how worksocial can change the way you work and accelerate business growth.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing