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Emerging Tech for Insurance: LOMA Looks at Mobility, Cloud and the Customer Experience

This Thursday and Friday, the insurance sector will have the chance to focus on the new technology innovations that are helping to reshape the industry. The 2011 Emerging Technology Conference, hosted by LOMA October 6–7 at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., will explore cutting edge advances around mobile, cloud and other technologies, ... Read More

Financial Services Execs: Learn About Mobile and Social BPM at the FSOkx BPM Innovation Forum

Judging by our new client acquisitions so far this year, financial services continues to be a hot market for BPM software. It makes sense because the financial sector requires significant process transformation in order to come to terms with current market drivers, from fiscal constraint to compliance issues and increased customer empowerment. BPM for financial ... Read More

Big Phone, Shoe Phone, Smartphone, New Phone

Mobile phones have certainly come a long way. Remember the halcyon days of the 1980s, when you could feel like Michael Douglas in Wall Street, provided you had the upper body strength to lift the thing to your ear? Or how about back in ’65 when Don Adams introduced the world to the first combination ... Read More

Nokia Siemens Networks to Keynote Forrester Business Process Forum 2011

Nick Deacon, Global Head of Business Process Management at Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) will deliver a Keynote presentation at the Forrester Research Business Process Forum 2011. The theme of the event is “The New World of Customer Engagement.” Nick will discuss “Empowering the Customer Through Process Improvement and BPM.” It’s going to be a great ... Read More

Enterprise Software – Are You Playing to Win, or Playing Not to Lose?

Software applications have become the central nervous system of large companies.  Everything those companies do to deliver their goods or services is governed by or assisted through software.  A company’s success in the marketplace is therefore a function of how refined and capable their software is, and how quickly they can adapt it to changing ... Read More

Forrester Experts Discuss BPM, the Future of Enterprise Applications and the Mobile, Cloud and Social “Game Changers”

Several of Forrester Research’s leading thinkers on BPM, BPM software, application development and the customer experience participated in a roundtable discussion on empowering customers through business process transformation. Connie Moore has posted an excerpt of the discussion on her Forrester blog. It is a thought-provoking read that talks about the future of enterprise applications, the ... Read More

Social BPM Dramatically Increases Worker Productivity

Social BPM looks a lot like Facebook and Twitter but, unlike those platforms, it is dramatically increasing worker productivity. What is Social BPM? It’s an activity-stream interface that allows workers to more effectively manage their business processes. You can use Social BPM to handle critical events, collaborate with subject matter experts, initiate processes and consume personalized information; ... Read More

Megatrends: BPM Software meets Mobile, Cloud and Social

A good indication of where organizations are making technology investments comes from looking at their job postings., a search engine that aggregates job postings across a large number of employer and recruiting sites, has a nifty ‘job trends’ feature that tracks the growth of specific keywords being used. A search for the keyword ‘bpm’ shows ... Read More

Redefining BPM, BPM Software, and How Work Gets Done

We had our quarterly company meeting yesterday. Everyone was in a pretty good mood based on our success in the first half of the year. As usual, our executive team did a great job talking about numbers, goals and strategies. Our CEO Matt Calkins, however, spent most of his time on something much bigger. He ... Read More