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Global IT industry analyst firm Ovum has published its annual “Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor” report, a comparative evaluation of the top BPM software vendors. Appian has been named the #1 vendor on Ovum’s prestigious “Shortlist.” This is based on unmatched scores across Technology criteria (including a call-out of our innovation around Mobile BPM, Cloud BPM and Social BPM) and User Sentiment (i.e., making sure customers are happy and successful with our software).

The report places the top vendors in the “Shortlist” category, with others placed in “Explore” or “Consider” categories. We’ll have the report available as a download on our site shortly, but in the meantime, here are some stand-out quotes:

ovum logo Analyst Firm Ovum Names Appian the Top BPM Software Vendor in 2011 BPM Decision Matrix Report

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Discussions around customer service strategies have shifted from “customer management” to “customer engagement.” A recent piece in InformationWeek on  “Seven Ways IT Can Improve Customer Service” highlights this shift. The article, by Forrester Research senior analyst Kate Leggett, pays a lot of attention to process improvement and process consistency. Kate is a leading expert on customer service strategies, and a member of Forrester’s Business Process team, so this comes as no surprise. What is a little surprising is that she didn’t call out Mobile BPM and Social BPM more directly in her analysis. These components of Appian’s BPM software are playing a huge roll in the strategies our customers are rolling out to engage with their customers.

71191 Employ Mobile and Social BPM in Customer Service Strategies to Increase Engagement

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Ellen Carney, lead insurance industry analyst at Forrester Research, has just published an insightful report on the changing tide for insurance companies. You can read an excerpt here. “Tech Opportunities in the North American Insurance Industry” details the transition from “business-as-usual” to what Ellen calls a “business-as-unusual” model where the customer experience takes precedence over the products and services an insurer provides. BPM software, particularly Mobile BPM and Social BPM, are key technology enablers for this transition.

EllenCarney1 Forrester Says Insurance Industry Must Focus on Customer Experience. BPM Software Holds the Key

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Appian is the sponsor of the Process Management track at IQPC’s Process Excellence Week Orlando, January 16-20 at the Buena Vista Palace, Lake Buena Vista, FL. On Day 2 of the conference, Appian Matt Calkins will deliver a presentation that should not be missed by anyone looking to understand how to make Mobile BPM, Cloud BPM and Social BPM work in their organization.

Capture1 Appian CEO Matt Calkins to Discuss Mobile, Cloud and Social BPM at IQPCs Process Excellence Week Orlando

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This morning we announced the under-budget and ahead-of-schedule deployment of our BPM software at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).  The solution was designed and rolled out in six weeks, with full agency deployment in under four months. NOAA is using Appian across its National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). NESDIS collects global environmental data from satellites and other sources and provides information services regarding Earth system monitoring and official assessments of the environment.

Appian is now instrumental in supporting NESDIS’ mission to be “the world’s most comprehensive source and recognized authority for satellite products, environmental information, and official assessments of the environment in support of societal and economic decisions.

Picture1 The Ever Expanding Use Cases for BPM Software

This is a very cool use case for BPM, and it made me start thinking about the ever-widening types of applications for which our on-premise and Cloud BPM, Mobile BPM and Social BPM is being used.

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New Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel has pledged to continue the policies of his predecessor, Vivek Kundra – and to extend them even further in driving innovation in government IT. In Silicon Valley for his first public speech earlier this week, VanRoekel outlined a vision that includes continuation of Kundra’s “Cloud First” policy, while also emphasizing utilization of the latest innovations in mobile devices and collaboration tools to create what he called a “Future First” agenda. This is precisely the agenda that Appian has been advocating to our government (and commercial) customers through our Cloud BPM, Mobile BPM and Social BPM.

steve van roeckel1 Appian BPM Software in Lock step with Federal CIO VanRoekels Plans to Modernize Government IT

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Last week, we announced some very exciting stats about Appian’s success in Q3 2011 and for the year-to-date. It was our best quarter ever, and we’ve seen a 208% increase in product orders from 62 new customers so far in the year (compared to the same period last year). BPM software is a good business to be in right now, but our success is out-stripping the rest of the market for one reason: our dedication to innovation.

Mobile BPM is changing how and where organizations get work done, while it knocks down barriers to include executives, partners and customers in process. In combination with Social BPM, it’s creating new opportunities for customer engagement and brand-building. Cloud BPM is fundamentally changing the relationship between IT and the business. Innovative BPM is providing a complete platform that gives CIOs and their teams new economies of scale in application creation and delivery, while it unifies an enterprise that is fractured across divergent operating systems, applications and devices.

That last point is crucial. More than any other vendor, Appian is advancing BPM to meet the challenges faced by today’s CIO.

what is innovation1 Building Businesses   Yours and Ours   on Mobile, Cloud and Social BPM Software

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Appian is a proud sponsor of Gartner, Inc.’s upcoming Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Gartner’s Symposium Series is all about the CIO. Orlando attendees (October 16-20 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel) will enjoy an entire conference track dedicated to business process improvement (certainly a sign that BPM practices and BPM software continue to be critical strategic levers for technology’s corner office). There will undoubtedly be a lot of research data and theory discussed around the conference’s focus on “IT Game Changers” including Mobility, Cloud Computing and Social Technology. To get beyond the theory, visit Appian in exhibit hall Booth #1136 to see Mobile BPM, Cloud BPM and Social BPM in practice.

Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2011 Orlando See Beyond the Mobile, Cloud and Social Theory at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011 Orlando

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This Thursday and Friday, the insurance sector will have the chance to focus on the new technology innovations that are helping to reshape the industry. The 2011 Emerging Technology Conference, hosted by LOMA October 6–7 at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., will explore cutting edge advances around mobile, cloud and other technologies, and how insurance leaders can use them to drive customer delight and new business growth. Appian, a sponsor of the event, is a trailblazer in “BPM for Insurance.

pic Emerging Tech for Insurance: LOMA Looks at Mobility, Cloud and the Customer Experience

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Judging by our new client acquisitions so far this year, financial services continues to be a hot market for BPM software. It makes sense because the financial sector requires significant process transformation in order to come to terms with current market drivers, from fiscal constraint to compliance issues and increased customer empowerment. BPM for financial services is a key lever for all of this, and for driving new growth opportunities. Still, many financial services institutions (FSIs) are just coming to grips with how to use BPM most effectively. If your company is among them, you should get yourself to the Yale Club of New York (50 Vanderbilt Avenue) this Wednesday, October 5 for the 2nd Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum, hosted by FSO Knowledge Xchange.

fsokx logo Financial Services Execs: Learn About Mobile and Social BPM at the FSOkx BPM Innovation Forum

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