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Accelerate Enterprise Performance with Mobile BPM

The rapid advancement of mobile computing in the past few years has given consumers more freedom and options, while also making them more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before. The number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population in 2013 — more than 7 billion and counting. According to the same report, global mobile data traffic ... Read More

Modernize and Mobile-Enable Enterprise Social Software

In the quest to modernize IT, the top key priorities for forward-looking CIOs are analytics and business intelligence, mobile technologies, and cloud computing. We live in an increasingly data-driven world where just about everything we do can be quantified, analyzed, and optimized. The increasing sophistication of smart phones also allows us to be always connected to family, friends, information, and ... Read More

The 5 Myths of Mobile BPM

It has happened thousands of times now in corporate IT.  An executive walks into the IT department carrying his shiny new iPad and asks how to access all his important business systems from the device.  Tomorrow, Apple will announce the iPad 3, and yet, many IT departments are still struggling to support these new generation ... Read More

Tablet Choices and Mobile BPM

Working for most organizations is Non-Stop-Round-The-Clock-Can’t-Slow-Down-Long-Enough-To-Get-A-Diet-Coke. Mobile only begins to explain how a growing number of companies and government agencies work. And the tools we use to get things done are becoming more vital than ever, from the tablet computer you use to do your job to the mobile BPM software you use… to do ... Read More

BPM Software and Secure Processing in the Mobile Age

Movement towards the mobile enterprise is gaining momentum based on the clear business value afforded by better leveraging today’s increasingly disconnected and on-the-go workforce. However, mobility poses serious concerns for enterprise IT; security being chief among them. Mobile BPM applications delivered on our BPM software ensure safe and secure mobile participation in critical business processes. ... Read More