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John Lewis   109208 317863c John Lewis Taps Appian to Transform the Employee and Customer Experience

I’m always overwhelmed whenever I walk into a Home Depot. Not because I’m not a handyman. I’m not too shabby with power tools, and I know my light bulbs given my experience in the clean energy industry.

No, it’s the kitchen and bath section. That place is scary! I can remember being a kid and spending hours at one of those stores watching my parents and a sales rep try to make sense of the mess that is custom home furnishing.

Makes me glad I still rent.

However, one leading retailer is doing some pretty impressive things with modern technology to help transform the customer experience.

John Lewis, the largest department store retailer in the UK, recently took the first steps towards modernizing these efforts by deploying their “Customer Project Management” (CPM) application. Using the Appian Cloud solution, CPM allows John Lewis employees (called Partners in the co-owned business) to accelerate how customer orders are managed and fulfilled for Fitted Kitchens, Floor Coverings and Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds. This new solution is part of the John Lewis ambition to further improve and optimize the customer journey through digitization, automation, data and analytics.

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adam dunn1 Swinging for the Fences with Cloud + Mobile

It’s hard for me not to have baseball on the mind this afternoon. In just a few hours, the hometown Washington Nationals will look to extend their LEAGUE BEST 10-game winning streak against the San Francisco Giants. Hmm, no plans tonight, maybe I head on out to the ballpark.

I’m as equally crazy about the start of football, but baseball in August is pretty fun when your team is in a pennant race.

So what the heck does my fanatic rambling have to do with BPM?

Ever since Appian World 2014, our team has used a common baseball analogy to simplify our Work Platform. During his main stage address, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) CIO William Flowers had one of the best lines of the conference when discussing modern work technologies such as Social Collaboration, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. Said Flowers, “Any one of these technologies allows us to hit singles and doubles, but when I leverage all of these together, we can hit a grand slam.”

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shutterstock mobility Mobile Enablement Yields Mission Effectiveness for Federal Government

Earlier this month, Appian announced that its powerful Mobile BPM platform is now available through the Department of Defense (DOD) Mobile Application Store (MAS). Maintained by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), this innovative mobile platform is designed to optimize the functionality of DOD applications on mobile devices while minimizing replication, cost, and downtime.

As part of the overall DISA Digital Strategy, mobile applications are a critical component of federal defense services and allow for new opportunities to improve agency-wide mission effectiveness. The DOD application store alone supports 1,800 unclassified mobile devices to-date in a limited roll out and has the capacity to support up to 100,000 users by the end of fiscal 2014, according to DISA.

“Helping the DOD modernize processes to accelerate mission attainment is in Appian’s DNA,” said Chris O’Connell, Vice President of Federal Sales at Appian. “Our participation in DOD MAS provides all branches the ability to take advantage of modern mobile apps that can be deployed across the entire workforce.”

It’s safe to say that the mobile revolution has moved beyond commercialization and is a hot issue for the federal government.

Organizations of all kinds are on-the-go more than ever, and it’s no different for government. Leading federal agencies need to be connected from anywhere at any time to the data and policies that drive mission effectiveness.  Mobile application access needs to be considered when future-proofing federal applications, even though many agencies are still working out mobile policies and BYOD guidelines.

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Tropical Island 1024x640 Three Ways to Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Modern BPM

There’s not much that tops Memorial Day Weekend. As I’m sure was the case for most, I celebrated the weekend with family, good food, and remembrance of those who protect our freedom at home and abroad. The three days of perfect weather were a bonus. But more than just the festivities of the weekend, Memorial Day symbolizes the unofficial beginning of summer!

Now is the time to look at the calendar and make those vacation plans to our favorite summertime destinations. Everyone seems to have that favorite family spot they visit every year, where new memories are made each time.

Though the yearly cruise or annual beach trip is a blast, recently my family and I have looked for summer alternatives. Our last trip took us down to the Florida Keys after a recommendation from some friends. We made a few soft plans, but pretty much went down south without much of an agenda and not knowing what to expect.

…And it was a blast! Talk about total relaxation (I’ve got some great recommendations on the best seafood in town if you’re ever headed that way). And this trip, which may become a vacation go-to, all started because we moved beyond our travel comfort zone and tried something new.

This got me thinking about BPM and businesses being hesitant to move out of their own IT comfort zones in adopting new and innovative technologies.

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ap forum tips tricks ad 300x75 Best Practices: A New Tips & Tricks Webinar

Let’s face it. Mobile has become a way of life.

Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t have your iPhone….your Droid….your Galaxy within arm’s length?  A year ago?  Two? Five?

Mobile is now a lifestyle, and you don’t need IT analysts to tell you it’s blazed its way into the workplace.

So what’s that mean? It’s simple.  People work the way they live. As we’ve all become reliant on mobile technologies, we bring our devices to work.  We check our email from our phones, even sitting at our desks. We interact and collaborate.  We access information.  We take action…any time…all on our mobile devices. At home.  At work. At the beach.  At a sporting event.

“That’s great, Zach. But I thought this was a blog about the upcoming Tips & Tricks webinar.”

Yes….that’s correct.

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DFW 40 Dallas/Fort Worth International Flies the Cloud to Build the Airport of the Future

As everyone can relate to, airports are a busy place, and sometimes we face delays that interrupt our travel experience. Luckily, process improvements at one of the world’s busiest airports have already begun to ensure a top flight customer experience for travelers.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), the world’s fourth largest operational airport and 10th largest airport in terms of passenger traffic (60 million), is using modern technology innovations to improve process management and ensure the highest level of customer service. At DFW, operations need to perform at a top notch level, as every major U.S. city is located within a four hour radius of the airport. The organization has embraced modern workplace technology to create a better customer experience, as the airport strives to become the “Airport of the Future.”

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Appian Mobile Panel 1024x680 The Future of Mobile BPM Sparked During Appian World Panel Sessions

Mobile in the world of BPM is nothing new. Nearly everyone on hand here at Appian World 2014 has a smartphone, in which they access work in one form or another. What makes mobile BPM such a hot issue is where this technology is going and how we find ways to do real work from any one of the leading mobile devices.

Mobile computing was the topic of this afternoon’s Appian World 2014 “The Future of Mobile and BPM” panel discussion, hosted by Appian’s own Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley. Joining Beckley during the well-attended discussion was Dr. Chuck Webster, Google Glass Explorer & President of EHR Workflow; James Woods, Business Analysts, Bank of Tennessee; and Sergo Grigalashvili, Vice President & Communication Technology, Crawford & Company.

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AW14 Conference Mobile App Get Ready for Appian World 2014 and Explore New Features in the Mobile Conference App

Appian World 2014 is only one week away and conference registration closes this Friday. Register today before it is too late to attend Appian’s premier BPM conference in Washington, DC. The two-day conference features speakers from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to share how they are using Appian BPM to power their modern enterprises. In addition, attendees can choose from multiple tracks and concurrent sessions that fit their BPM learning curve, whether they are just Getting Started, Building Solutions, Achieving Excellence with a Center of Excellence (CoE) for BPM, or focused on Driving Results for the business.

The Appian World conference app is also back with more features to help conference attendees access information, provide feedback, and collaborate with peers from their mobile devices. Appian works with all the popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The Appian mobile app also runs natively on iPhones, iPads, Android  phones and tablets. We encourage all attendees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) when they attend Appian World and take advantage of these features, including: More »

It’s Spring!  And, in much of North America, Spring means baseball, a game rich in history and tradition.

MLB 300x154 Dont Strike Out: Baseball Lessons that Play in the Boardroom

Baseball has been around a whole lot longer than business software—and there is good reason for its longevity. Some of what keeps baseball thriving can be applied to keeping your organization thriving too. With this in mind, here are three things about baseball that every executive should understand—and employ—when looking to technology to solve tough organizational challenges: More »

CEOs and organization leaders now more than ever are adopting a mobile strategy to align with their business. The onset of mobile devices is nothing new. Walk up and down the street or throughout your office, and just about everyone is flashing the latest iPhone, or Android.

What’s new is what these leading mobile devices allow us to accomplish when leveraged properly to conduct real work and interact with our colleagues. Armed with just a mobile device and a modern BPM app, company executives, managers and team members are conducting operations and making critical business decisions from anywhere at any time.

eWeek recently featured a slideshow presentation on how organizations across a range of industries are leveraging Appian Mobile technology to see business data, perform operational tasks and drive measurable business growth via mobile devices.

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