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The World Tour: Appian Around The World

Picture this. You’re a senior exec at a big brand…. …or maybe an IT wizard who builds incredible apps… …no wait…you’re an analyst at a large government institution! No matter your role or place of work, you have challenges. You make decisions. And, you want to be sure you have everything necessary to take action. Sometimes ... Read More

You’re Mobile, But are You Really Part of a Mobile Business?

The mobile revolution continues to drive consumer interest and appeal, as was on display at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where new products have generated excitement such as iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and AppleWatchOS 2. With increasing frequency, businesses across all industries are beginning to adopt their own mobile strategies to drive growth. ... Read More

Going Mobile @ Appian World 2015

It’s 8am on Tuesday, April 28th. Do you know where your shiny blue Appian World Conference Guide is? Perhaps you misplaced it towards the end of the Welcome Reception after a heated, wine-fueled debate about SAIL vs. HTML5. Maybe it didn’t fit in your bag along with all your Apple devices and sponsor swag. Not ... Read More

Creating Agile Solutions with a BPM Application Platform

Today the greatest challenge facing any business is also its greatest opportunity. How do we transform our operations to match ever-evolving customer expectations? This challenge is further compounded by competition from “digital natives” who, free of any burden from legacy systems, are aggressively pursuing your customers across multiple fronts of mobile, web and social channels. ... Read More

The Results Are In: Now is the Time for Business to Embrace Application Platforms

A new commissioned research study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Appian has identified the need for new application platforms as a way to address work challenges and transform today’s modern businesses. The study, titled “The Move Toward Modern Application Platforms,” is based on survey data from IT managers and business directors on the ... Read More