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It’s Spring!  And, in much of North America, Spring means baseball, a game rich in history and tradition.

MLB 300x154 Dont Strike Out: Baseball Lessons that Play in the Boardroom

Baseball has been around a whole lot longer than business software—and there is good reason for its longevity. Some of what keeps baseball thriving can be applied to keeping your organization thriving too. With this in mind, here are three things about baseball that every executive should understand—and employ—when looking to technology to solve tough organizational challenges:

1.) Simplicity drives adoption.

At its core, baseball is easy to understand. Though the strategies employed may be complex, the game itself is inherently simple. That’s why Major League Baseball has been successful for more than a century. It has an easy-to-understand product that can be digested by the masses.

It’s the same with adoption of new business software.  It’s there to improve operations…reduce costs…enhance productivity…even improve margins. But to do any of these things, a new system needs adoption, and fast. Business software should be intuitive, requiring no training to use and little effort to run and maintain. Systems can be complex…just not complex to use.

LESSON: When choosing business software or systems, consider the use of a work platform to make your technology easy to install, use, and maintain. This will increase speed-to-deployment and adoption rates, both key attributes to realizing fast results.

2.) Three strikes and you’re out.

A batter can swing and miss twice in baseball, but not a third time without taking a seat. After three strikes, the batter is out; his opportunity to make an impact in that at-bat has ended.

LESSON: When considering business software or systems, make sure not to swing and miss across these three areas:

  • Speed-to-deployment: If it requires too many bodies to implement, odds are it’s going to take more time and cost more money than you expect.
  • Ease-of-use: If it’s complex to use, people won’t use it. Keep it simple!
  • Accessibility: Today, people work across locations, time, and mobile devices. A solution that works only your laptop is outdated.  Make sure you are prepared for now…and for the future.

3.) Records are the lifeblood.

More than just about any other sport, baseball has hallowed records: home runs, hitting streaks, hits, wins, and so on. How else to explain the numbers that every self-respecting baseball fan just knows: 714 and 755 (home run records at respective times by Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron); 56 (consecutive games with a hit: Joe DiMaggio); 4256 (most hits in a career: Pete Rose); 511 (most wins by a pitcher in a career: Cy Young).

Plus, there are unifying principles in baseball that give perspective to what is considered great performance…Milestones like 500 home runs, 3000 hits, 300 wins.  These are how the best are measured.

Your organization has unifying principles too—records—that are at the core of why it exists.  But do you use them? Can they be accessed across your organization? Are you fully taking advantage of the knowledge that is embedded in the very business you conduct?

LESSON: Embrace your records. Converge data from across systems so it is easily accessed and consumed by those who need it.  Proactively ensure everyone in your organization has the awareness and knowledge they need to take the right action.

Baseball may be only a pastime, but from it we can glean valuable business lessons about what to do (and not do) when considering use of technology to solve tough problems.  Apply these lessons and you’ll be more prepared to make the right decision.

CEOs and organization leaders now more than ever are adopting a mobile strategy to align with their business. The onset of mobile devices is nothing new. Walk up and down the street or throughout your office, and just about everyone is flashing the latest iPhone, or Android.

What’s new is what these leading mobile devices allow us to accomplish when leveraged properly to conduct real work and interact with our colleagues. Armed with just a mobile device and a modern BPM app, company executives, managers and team members are conducting operations and making critical business decisions from anywhere at any time.

eWeek recently featured a slideshow presentation on how organizations across a range of industries are leveraging Appian Mobile technology to see business data, perform operational tasks and drive measurable business growth via mobile devices.

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Spring is here, and if you are like me, you can’t get enough of the nice weather after what seemed like an eternity of winter. Warmer days mean plenty of sun, and before you know it, summer will be here! Like others, I enjoy traveling with family and friends during the summer months. But perhaps my least favorite part of the travel experience is getting through the airport. With what seems like never ending crowds, lines and delays, a destination just a short flight away feels like you have to cross oceans to get there.

Luckily for me and those impatient travelers, one airport is using modern technology innovations to improve process management and ensure the highest level of passenger service – at the world’s eight busiest airport. The USA Today recently profiled how airports are embracing technology to create a better customer experience, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is leading this charge as it strives to become the “Airport of the Future.”

DFW Blog 1024x397 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Leverages Technology to Ensure Customer Service Excellence

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The growing presence of mobile technology in today’s workforce allows organizations to empower employees to make rapid business decisions and deliver the highest customer service. Forward-looking companies in the insurance industry continue to “future-proof” business applications, allowing workers to collaborate, track data, and take action on leading mobile devices.

Appian is pleased to sponsor a Property Casualty 360 webinar entitled “Mobile in Insurance – Moving Beyond BYOD,” tomorrow afternoon (2:00pm EST). Insurance industry experts will discuss the benefits realized through mobile computing beyond just expediting claims. This informative session will help professionals learn how to leverage and integrate mobile technology across the entire insurance enterprise.

Mobile Unlock Appian to Share Insurance Practice Expertise during Mobile Tech Webinar

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Appian World 2014 is approaching fast. With input and participation from the Appian community, the agenda is looking great. Whoever you are – Business Analyst, Developer, Executive, or other – and whether you are just starting with BPM, expanding an initial deployment or managing an enterprise program, we have what you need. In addition to product training, best practices and tips & ticks sessions, a host of Appian customers will be sharing insights from their BPM journeys, both on the main stage and across the four conference Tracks.

One of the key mainstage presenters will be William Flowers, Vice President of Information and Technology Services at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. You may have seen the press release we issued earlier this month on DFW’s Appian Cloud program, and how it is supporting the airport’s drive to eliminate paper. The release has a lot of the program facts. In his presentation, Mr. Flowers will explain the strategic thinking behind those facts.

AW14 2 Appian World 2014 Spotlight: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport   dfw airport logo Appian World 2014 Spotlight: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
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The start of a new year can be summed up in one word: Evaluation. Whether it is to spend more time at the gym or take on a new hobby, you essentially evaluate where you finished the last year, and look to where you want to be in the year to follow. And there’s no better place for evaluation than within business application development.

Appian’s own Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley recently shared his thoughts with on how CIOs will need to align modern application development strategies for the new year. Michael doesn’t sugar coat it; if you’re going to create successful applications, you must incorporate cloud and mobile solutions or you’ll find yourself with legacy software. Rethinking existing business process systems to adopt a cloud and mobile strategy is the only sure way to build truly modern applications and avoid the legacy trap.

Mobile applications2 Copy Time to Do Away with Legacy Apps in 2014

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Enterprise Software Wish List1 Holiday Wish Lists for Business and IT Executives

Business Executives Wish For:

  • Business visibility into sales pipelines, operational processes, project milestones, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) with Business Activity Monitor (BAM)
  • Responsive, real-time access to business news, tasks, records, reports, and actions from any device for modern enterprise mobility
  • Reduce paper waste and manage documents, images, multimedia and case files online with Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Empower team members to share and access knowledge with a social collaboration platform
  • Increase operational efficiency, resolution effectiveness, and agility with Business Process Management (BPM) More »

I’ve been remiss in congratulating our customer Crawford & Company on their well-deserved award recognition from Forrester Research. Crawford was named the overall winner in the “Mobility – Business to Employee” category of the 2014 Forrester Groundswell Awards. Crawford won for Crawford Community, the company’s Appian-based social application for disaster-related Case and Resource Management, and specifically the related CAT Connection mobile app.

IT awards are often given for the “what” – the cool features and gizmos. Crawford Community and CAT Connection have plenty of that whiz-bang factor. But in Crawford’s case, the ”why” – why does this matter outside the often-insular world of IT? – is even more compelling.

crawford cat connection Congratulations, Crawford! Forrester Researchs 2013 Groundswell Mobility Award Winner

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Our CTO Michael Beckley has a new thought-piece on At Appian, we see two broad camps of mobile strategy taking shape. One is the enterprise that views mobile as a “feature” – an add-on, something nice to have. This organization asks “Why Mobile?” The other is the enterprise that embraces how intrinsic mobility now is to society, and therefore to business, and views mobile IT as a necessity to compete today and in the future. This organization asks “Why Not Mobile?”

Well, one reason is that mobile is hard, costly, and time-consuming. If you do it the wrong way. Which is to say, if you approach it as traditional application development. Mike’s column looks at an entirely different way to approach the Mobile Enterprise. Spoiler alert: Appian is delivering it today with our no-code native Mobile BPM and SAIL architecture for responsive, dynamic user interfaces.

wired logo Appian CTO on How to Make Mobile More Than Just a Feature

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

The mobile revolution is upon us, and businesses of all kinds are looking to develop a mobile strategy that serves as more than just a way to check email while away from the desk. Mobile usage can no longer be looked at as an add-on feature, and must be treated as a necessary component when looking to modernize business processes. For the second year, MobCon 2013 serves as the premier event for executive and IT business leaders to learn and share ideas on using mobile to best serve customers and stay ahead of competition.

Appian is pleased to sponsor this two day conference beginning tomorrow in Minneapolis, MN, which promises to provide a practical blend of mobile strategy, technology, and business applications. MobCon 2013 is a forum for industry professionals to leverage mobile expertise, expose the secrets of mobile technology, and share best practices for a successful mobile strategy.

mobcon logo 300x155 Learn to Build a Better Business Through Enhanced Mobile Experiences at MobCon 2013

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