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What Lurks Deep Inside COTS Acquisition Software License Agreements

We’ve all been there.  It’s the end of a software company’s presentation showing you how their application will be able to solve all your problems.  Life with them will be total bliss.  You find yourself eager to sign up and put the pain of your current software application behind you. What’s the antidote for the ... Read More

Van Roekel to Fed CIOs: Better Learn How to Share

I’m the father of two young boys. It’s clear to me that the more Charlie and Henry learn to share, the better it is for everybody. Their play is more rewarding. They learn from each other. I don’t have to buy them two of everything. Federal CIO Steven Van Roekel wants federal agency CIOs to ... Read More

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra Leaving Administration – What’s the Future of Federal IT Reform?

Breaking news today that Federal CIO Vivek Kundra is leaving the White House. Kundra was originally appointed to overhaul the Federal Government’s use of information technology. According to Politico, in the past two-and-a-half years he has overseen $80 billion in federal IT projects. The point of those projects, and Kundra’s strong endorsement of cloud computing ... Read More

Capital Insider Looks at BPM and Government Efficiency

Mike Beckley, co-founder and CTO of Appian, was interview recently by newscaster Morris Jones on the television program Capital Insider. The discussion centered on how BPM software is  helping drive efficiency in the federal government. Mike explained that the imperative in government is not just to trim budgets, but also to improve service. What government does ... Read More

BPM: A Firm Foundation for the Five Pillars of Open Government

Ever since his appointment as Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra has championed the idea that technology can truly transform government. And not just transform it – he wants to make it more open through what have come to be known as Kundra’s “Five Pillars” for IT priorities — innovation, cyber security, transparency, engaging citizens, and lowering ... Read More

BPM Beginners Series, Part 3: Does Your Agency Need BPM?

Now that we have looked at what BPM is in the context of government process efficiency, as well as the value BPM delivers, the next logical question is, “How do you know if you need it?” Well, once again the BPM Kit for Government comes to the rescue. One of the greatest features in the ... Read More

BPM Beginners Series, Part 2: What is BPM’s Value for Government?

In my last post I introduced our new BPM Kit for Government – a one-stop shop for all the info you need to come up to speed on what BPM technology is all about. The most fundamental thing to understand is the bottom line: the value BPM delivers. Government agencies are adopting the technology because ... Read More

BPM Beginners Series, Part 1: Introducing the BPM Kit for Government

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve read a lot about what BPM does for government agencies. But in this BPM Beginners series of posts, I thought I would take a step back and explain what BPM is in the context of government effectiveness and efficiency. It means Business Process Management (side-note: if you’re looking ... Read More