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“Write Once, Deploy Anywhere” Mobile BPM Removes the App Development Burden of BYOD

“BYOD is about offering choice to customers. By embracing the consumerization of Information Technology (IT), the government can address the personal preferences of its employees, offering them increased mobility and better integration of their personal and work lives. It also enables employees the flexibility to work in a way that optimizes their productivity.” The above ... Read More

Federal CIOs on the Hot Seat Need BPM Software

Vivek Kundra, the first Federal Government CIO, was the keynote speaker at a trade show I attended last week.  This was my first time hearing him tell his personal story of leading government IT transformation.  Vivek recounted a number of specific government IT failures with dollars attached on a scale I’m not used to working ... Read More

Van Roekel to Fed CIOs: Better Learn How to Share

I’m the father of two young boys. It’s clear to me that the more Charlie and Henry learn to share, the better it is for everybody. Their play is more rewarding. They learn from each other. I don’t have to buy them two of everything. Federal CIO Steven Van Roekel wants federal agency CIOs to ... Read More

The Key Challenges for Federal Procurement

As reported on Federal News Radio, a new cybersecurity bill introduced in the Senate includes a focus on federal procurement deficiencies. The bill would “order agencies to make sure they buy genuine products from vendors with a secure supply chain.” The sources calling for stricter federal procurement measures are numerous: the Obama administration’s Comprehensive National ... Read More

Defense Business Board Urges DoD to “Act Decisively” in Move to Cloud

As reported in Federal Computer Week, a January 19 report from the Defense Business Board (DBB) states that “pursuing IT efficiencies could save DoD between 25 and 50 percent on annual expenditures, while also improving mission effectiveness and achieving return on investment even ahead of schedule.” The report outlines a four-step approach of “normalizing, standardizing ... Read More

OMB “Single Door” Policy is One Step in the Right Direction; BPM Software for Federal Procurement is Another

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel is pushing a “single door” policy for contractors doing business with U.S. federal agencies through the creation of vendor management organizations (VMOs). Federal acquisition/procurement is something we think about all the time at Appian, for a number of reasons. First, like the rest of the country, we are concerned about federal ... Read More

Appian BPM Software in Lock-step with Federal CIO VanRoekel’s Plans to Modernize Government IT

New Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel has pledged to continue the policies of his predecessor, Vivek Kundra – and to extend them even further in driving innovation in government IT. In Silicon Valley for his first public speech earlier this week, VanRoekel outlined a vision that includes continuation of Kundra’s “Cloud First” policy, while ... Read More

Making the Most of Cloud Services in Government IT: InformationWeek GovCloud 2011

Today, government IT pros have a great opportunity for a crash-course on best practices in building secure, on-demand clouds for their federal agencies. InformationWeek is hosting the GovCloud 2011 event at the Reagan Pavilion in Washington, D.C. Appian is an event sponsor, in keeping with our strong commitment to Cloud BPM for the federal market. ... Read More

Federal Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services and Appian Team for GovCloud (US)

This morning we announced that Amazon Web Services has named Appian an official solution partner for the new AWS GovCloud (US). AWS GovCloud (US) is an AWS Region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and contractors to move more sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. This will help ... Read More