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DorobekInsider On BPM’s Public Sector Benefits

Chris Dorobek of Federal News Radio recently interviewed Appian VP of Marketing Samir Gulati about the increased use of business process management software in federal agencies, and the financial and operational benefits of using BPM in a cloud environment. In the past, federal agencies have created “point-solution” BPM applications for proof of concept, Gulati said. ... Read More

BPM: A Firm Foundation for the Five Pillars of Open Government

Ever since his appointment as Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra has championed the idea that technology can truly transform government. And not just transform it – he wants to make it more open through what have come to be known as Kundra’s “Five Pillars” for IT priorities — innovation, cyber security, transparency, engaging citizens, and lowering ... Read More

FDA Shows How to Get Started with BPM

“The longest journey begins with a single step.” That old saying is as fitting for introducing new software applications as it for any other job. Taking a BPM journey is transformative for government, but getting started with that first step can seem daunting. When it comes to carefully wading into the BPM waters, the US ... Read More