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Appian provides a modern business process management (BPM) application platform to drive better business decisions, actions and results. Users have access to all the data, all the processes, all the documents, and all the collaborations – in one environment, on any device, through a simple worksocial interface.

appian bpm suite What’s New in Appian 7? BPM turns worksocial

Recent Appian 7.x releases include additional new social features, designer and administrator enhancements, and platform updates. Here’s a summary of new features in Appian 7 to help with business improvement initiatives and social collaboration in your organization:

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My colleague Mervin Chiang wrote an excellent post on “BPM Disruption” last week. He asked:

“Is it possible that technologies like Appian can and will disruptively change the relationship between business and IT and the nature of applications themselves? Here at Appian, we have seen it happen countless times…Maybe BPM disruption needs to be at the business/IT interface and in the very meaning of IT development or perhaps it needs to disrupt the different facets of the management team and their thinking…”

The fact is, both are required. In the most forward-thinking organizations, both are currently happening. This wholesale transformation is something that must be seen to be properly understood, embraced and replicated. There is no better place to get immersed in this new world of possibilities than Appian World 2013. Just take a look at our newly-updated agenda and you’ll see why.

Capture 300x55 Appian World 2013   See, Embrace and Replicate BPM Disruption

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2013 will be the year that employees begin to use mobile devices more than PCs to get work done (Forrester, “Tablets Will Rule the Future Personal Computing Landscape”, April 2012). To get ahead of this wave, it’s vital that any new application deployed to users be fully mobile-enabled. Appian provides a mobile enterprise platform for knowledge workers to access key data, reports, tasks and actions from their mobile device so they can do real work and see timely results on the go.

Recognizing the need to go mobile is easy; however, understanding how to implement that vision is not always immediately obvious. To help customers understand how a mobile-enabled application looks and behaves, Appian has released a new Reference Application focused around the mobile user.

Puzzle Pieces Mobile Solution Desktop PC 300x225 Learn How to Build a Fully Mobile Enabled App with Appians New Reference Application

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We are pleased to announce that the Appian Certified Plugin Developer (ACPD) program is now available on Appian Forum. The ACPD exam includes concepts covered in the Appian Essentials, Appian Process Design, and Appian Developer training courses. In advance of Appian World 2013, we are extending the low certification cost of $349 through May.

An Appian Certification accreditation provides a signal to the market that sets you apart from the crowd. Custom plugins and data types are the cornerstone of Appian’s integration framework and your ACPD certification proves that you are able to tackle your customers’ most challenging integration requirements. Customers who become Appian Certified deliver higher ROI to their organizations and help ensure the success of their projects. Partner organizations with Appian Certified professionals win more deals and command higher premiums.

Capture2 Rise Above the Crowd with New Appian Plugin Developer Certification

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In the quest to modernize IT, the top key priorities for forward-looking CIOs are analytics and business intelligence, mobile technologies, and cloud computing. We live in an increasingly data-driven world where just about everything we do can be quantified, analyzed, and optimized. The increasing sophistication of smart phones also allows us to be always connected to family, friends, information, and insights. The flexibility, scalability, and increasing adoption of cloud computing help make sure all types of big data people want to access remain available on demand.
As consumers, we have high expectations and little time. We want applications on our smart phones to be more collaborative, efficient, and productive in our lives. We connect with others through social media sites, share pictures and video links. We use productivity apps to organize tasks and events, manage our budget and finance, monitor energy use and our home…all from a phone. Isn’t it time that we do the same for work? More »

The number of emails, documents, files, and content we come across seems to grow every day. Today’s knowledge workers need a way to organize, search, and access information quickly and easily. The ability to gather data and insight enables productivity, better and faster client service, higher job satisfaction, and more revenue for the company. Furthermore, following standard processes, having the flexibility to make changes and accommodate exceptions, and being able to collaborate are requirements for a modern, agile workplace with consistency and quality ap iBPMS sidebar banner2 Create an Agile Workplace with Dynamic Case Management and Intelligent BPM Suite

Skilled workers like lawyers, doctors, nurses, case workers, recruiters, account managers, and executives are examples of today’s knowledge workers who need access to information to provide quality service. They need to easily find all the documents, correspondence, and key information on clients, patients, prospects, partners, or accounts to make critical decisions, take actions, and accomplish business goals. More »

We are always working to enhance Appian Academy social business process management training options for our customers and partners. Appian Academy quickly builds BPM skills, improves employee productivity and maximizes the value of a business process management program through our comprehensive custom and instructor-led BPM courses on Appian products, methodology and certification at affordable prices. In addition to our existing on-site and on-demand options, we have developed two new exciting offerings: live online training and a new course to introduce Appian users to the basics of creating and using worksocial applications.

Appian Training Class12 300x99 What’s New in Appian Academys Social Business Process Management Training: Online Courses and Worksocial Basics

More » has just run a piece that is a must-read for anyone contemplating how social technologies should be used in the enterprise. “Completing the Social Business Transformation: A Manifesto,” by Dan Woods, is a clear-headed reminder that we are still at the tip of the iceberg in realizing the value of social business technology – and that most enterprise social tools are woefully immature from a business value perspective.

“It is possible,” he writes of Jive, Chatter, Yammer, etc., ”to see these suites as the end of the road, as the culmination of a set of capabilities into a product category that will last for 30 or 40 years like ERP or CRM. I reject that view and instead assert that the culmination of Social Business will instead be a new paradigm that changes how knowledge is captured, how processes are designed, how applications are created, and how work gets done.” (emphasis added).

Appian knows what to call that new paradigm: worksocial. We are the only vendor that is delivering it today.

Picture14 300x77 Forbes on Completing the Social Business Transformation

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The Federal Government’s poor IT performance is an old story, but it got renewed attention this week because of two new documents.  The first was Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel’s release of his final “Shared First” strategy document which sets guidelines that should lead to better returns on IT investment.  The other event was a memo from Lesley Field, Acting Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy.  Ms. Field laid out steps to make it easier for vendors to provide input and education so government can make smarter technology buys.

So much positive news in the space of a week had me feeling optimistic that we are on a path to stop wasting tax payer money and bring effective IT systems to government.  But my good mood ended when an e-mail hit my inbox with fresh evidence of some of the thinking and behaviors that have caused the Federal government’s IT investments to significantly underperform.

stop sign Stop the Federal Government COTS Madness

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Two weeks ago I attended the Defense Procurement eBusiness Conference in Atlanta, GA. Like last year, Appian was a sponsor and exhibitor at the event, discussing and demonstrating the Acquisition Business Management solution built on our BPM software. The exhibit hall space was a little cramped this year, but I was happy to see so many people wade through our booth crowd to talk to us.

The particular conference presentation highlight for me was Richard Ginman’s presentation on Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) Initiatives and Efficiencies Priorities. I was already a big fan of DPAP given their recent efforts on the Procurement Data Standard (PDS) and the DoD Clause Logic service. Hearing Mr. Ginman speak just solidified my view that DPAP really understands the problems facing acquisition and is providing excellent guidance, support, and services to the DoD acquisition community.

bio ginman1 The Future of Federal Procurement: Data Standardization Combined with Process Flexibility

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