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The Federal Government’s poor IT performance is an old story, but it got renewed attention this week because of two new documents.  The first was Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel’s release of his final “Shared First” strategy document which sets guidelines that should lead to better returns on IT investment.  The other event was a memo from Lesley Field, Acting Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy.  Ms. Field laid out steps to make it easier for vendors to provide input and education so government can make smarter technology buys.

So much positive news in the space of a week had me feeling optimistic that we are on a path to stop wasting tax payer money and bring effective IT systems to government.  But my good mood ended when an e-mail hit my inbox with fresh evidence of some of the thinking and behaviors that have caused the Federal government’s IT investments to significantly underperform.

stop sign Stop the Federal Government COTS Madness

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The famous German statesman, Otto von Bismark, is credited with saying “Politics is the art of the possible.”  So too goes technology, particularly in insurance.  Lots of things are theoretically possible to do with insurance information systems, if there are no constraints on resources.  Insurance CIOs are never in that position.  In fact, they are in the opposite corner, struggling to maintain legacy systems and still squeeze out some budget for technological innovations that will delight customers and employees.  For them, developing new innovations is “the art of the possible.”  In practice, not much can get accomplished, which is why so many insurers find themselves technologically behind.

That state of affairs is being upended as will be demonstrated at next week’s Appian World conference.

IBENOX demo screen shot 2 The Art of the Possible with Modern BPM for Insurance
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Appian is a regular sponsor of CXO Media’s “CIO Perspectives” conference series. At tomorrow’s CIO Perspectives New York, our CEO Matt Calkins will discuss Appian’s vision for BPM software in the modern age of mobility, cloud computing and social business collaboration.

This will be a preview of the keynote presentation Matt will deliver next week at Appian World 2012. Pre-registration for the conference is closing this week, so make sure you sign up.

76549544 Vision11 A Preview of Appians BPM Software Vision at CIO Perspectives

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It’s an exciting time for business process management software. As the technology drives deeper into the mainstream of enterprise IT, it is intersecting with enterprise mobility and social business collaboration efforts. As more BPM projects mature into enterprise-wide process improvement programs, Cloud BPM is offering a new way to scale BPM initiatives. As Big Process meets Big Data, organizations are re-thinking the relationship between the two.

So what does it all mean – and how do you get ready and execute to get the most value? The slate of industry analyst keynote sessions at Appian World 2012 – from Gartner’s Daryl Plummer, Forrester Research’s Clay Richardson, noted BPM expert and Column 2 blogger Sandy Kemsley, and MWD Advisors’ Neil Ward-Dutton – has your answers.

AppianWorld20121 Gartner, Forrester and More Predict the Future of Business Process Management Software at Appian World 2012

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Our CEO, Matt Calkins, calls the current state of Business Process Management software offerings “feature-incomplete.” The flurry of BPM technology acquisitions by stack vendors over the last two-plus years may create an attendant assumption that the market has “matured.” While important leaps forward have been made, Appian believes BPM software has yet to reach its true functional potential and organizational value.

The true value of Business Process Management software will not be realized through the improvement of discrete processes. Not even through the holistic and centralized governance of a variety of core processes. BPM software will truly emerge as the best way to organize and execute work when it becomes the single platform, and the single environment for unifying and presenting all the systems, data and collaboration a decision maker needs, in the moment they are needed.

AppianWorld20121 Hear Appians Vision for Business Process Management Software at Appian World 2012

BPM software isn’t there yet, and it’s on-going evolution will not be driven by stack vendors already consumed with sorting out their Frankenstein’s Monster BPM product portfolios. Appian remains exclusively dedicated to pushing the envelope on what BPM software is and what it can do. You can hear more about Appian’s vision, and how the next version of our product will take us all closer to it, by attending Appian World 2012.

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Federal procurement practices continue to be a hot topic of discussion as government agencies look for new ways to comply with Obama Administration mandates to reduce waste, deliver projects more quickly, and increase the efficiency and transparency of operations. Many federal procurement teams are turning to BPM software and Appian’s Acquisition Business Management solution to eliminate mountains of paperwork and reach higher levels of performance faster.

Appian is participating in two important federal procurement events in the near future: ACT-IAC Acquisition Excellence 2012 (March 29 in Washington, DC) and the Defense Procurement eBusiness Conference (April 10-12 in Atlanta).

Picture11 Hear the Latest on BPM Software for Improving Federal Procurement

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for…ERP. These monolithic, cumbersome and inflexible systems are not up to the challenges and requirements of the Mobile, Cloud and Social Age. If you have experience dealing with an ERP system – simply using one or, heaven help you, trying to extend one to fit the changing needs of your business and your customers – you already understand the problems. If you don’t, Forrester Research and Forbes Magazine have two quick primers for you.

The question is this: What does the demise of ERP mean for companies that have sunk massive investments into these antiquated beasts? Must they either forsake those investments and even throw good money after bad through massive rip-and-replace efforts, or just continue to suffer and struggle? Thankfully, modern BPM software offers a third way.

erp 170 170 Salvaging Investments in the Wake of ERPs Demise

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Appian World 2012 is coming up fast. If you haven’t yet registered for the premier complimentary event for Appian customers, partners and the Business Process Management community at-large, do it today!

At the conference you’ll hear BPM visions and predictions from a variety of industry experts (Gartner, Forrester, Kemsley Design, MWD Advisors, Michael zur Muehlen). You’ll also get all sorts of product insights and tips (and yes, free training) from Appian experts. But beyond all of that, the best reason for a BPM professional to attend Appian World is to hear success stories, lessons-learned and best-practices from other in-the-trenches BPM professionals.

AppianWorld2012 Experience Mobile, Cloud and Social BPM Success at Appian World 2012

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Things are moving fast in the world of BPM. Even experienced process pros who have already logged years in the trenches are confronting new realities and requirements related to the rise of enterprise mobility, social technologies and cloud computing. So the question is, “What is process improvement in the Age of Mobile, Social and Cloud?

The answer: it is an opportunity. Come to Appian World 2012 and find out why. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a process improvement newbie, mobile/social/cloud can get you to the next level fast.

AppianWorld20121 What is Process Improvement in the Age of Mobile, Social and Cloud? Get the Answer at Appian World 2012

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CIO released its 2012 “State of the CIO” survey results in January. The summary article states that, “Overall, as 2012 unfolds, companies plan to complete major initiatives using technologies that they expect will change the role of CIO… These include analytics, cloud, mobility and social media.” CIOs in regions throughout the U.S. will examine what precisely that means for them during the 2012 CIO Perspectives event series, produced by CIO Magazine.

As a sponsor of the series, Appian will be on-hand to discuss how our Mobile, Cloud and Social BPM combines with real-time predictive analytics to deliver smarter processes that automatically adjust based on new events. This is what Gartner calls “Intelligent Business Operations (IBO),” and it is a path to corporate Super-Star status for the CIO.

Capture2 300x142 2012 State of the CIO Survey Resu

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