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It’s Bisnow Time: “Hottest Trends in Diplomacy and Democracy” Event Slated to Deliver the Goods on Government Acquisitions

As many organizations that sell into government know, we are entering into the annual “use it or lose it” phase – where government goes into last minute spending mode before the federal fiscal years ends on September 30th. It is a critical time for members of industry and government to effectively connect to seize opportunities ... Read More

BetterGov Video: Garry Yeates, Vice President, Professional Services, Appian, Discusses Flexibility of BPM Solutions for Government

We all know that government agencies are looking for technology solutions that can be quickly configured and tailored to meet their specific requirements. While this may not be the reality of many of today’s government technology integrations, Business Process Management (BPM) is a game-changer that actually meets these needs. For example, Appian provides an “out ... Read More

Why Government is Turning to BPM for Acquisition Solutions

What are the biggest momentum-killers for any government acquisition and procurement project? If you guessed a) lack of a process-focused method, resulting in massive amounts of paper work and administrative overhead, and b) the need for more trained contracting officers in federal service, you are correct. And, if you also guessed lost savings, then you ... Read More

Next Step Ubiquity: BPM and Government

The textbook definition of the term ubiquitous is “being everywhere at the same time, or being constantly encountered.”  Ubiquity of business and IT services supports the drive for increased agency effectiveness, cross-agency collaboration and constituent inclusivity.  The term is very apropos for what is happening today as the government increasingly adopts Business Process Management (BPM). ... Read More