Make It Easy…

We’ve all experienced it.  The frustration of difficult technology.  Just Google “technology frustration images” and you’ll instantly empathize with the sad sacks on your screen.

Let’s face it. Work is tough enough. The technology to help should be easy.  But it’s more than just easy to use.  It has to be easy to build… easy to deploy… easy to maintain.

It is this quest to remove complexity from technology that perpetually drives us at Appian.

The latest release of Appian 7, now available on Appian Forum, continues to evolve business technology to become even easier.  Highlights include:

Increased ease of app design for designers

  • Expand the capabilities of your existing custom apps and web pages built outside of Appian with the ability to embed SAIL in external web applications

  • Speed interface design with easy placement of an Appian SAIL component into a SAIL interface without custom plugins or manual configuration

  • Build and edit enterprise record interfaces easily with the new SAIL Record Design Interface

  • Get instant data type impact analysis results, even on systems with many applications

  • Build more user-friendly solutions by leveraging historical performance data for SAIL interfaces over time

Enhanced visibility of user activity for administrators

  • Optimize use of applications on the Appian platform thanks to upgraded performance and usage tracking

  • Positively impact the overall system during times of heavy, simultaneous user activity as a result of Multiple performance improvements

Greater accessibility for end-users

  • Increase worker efficiency by providing instant access to actions related to a viewed record with contextual related actions

  • Remove steps to situational information and informed action while maintaining continuity of the mobile user experience through new mobile links within Appian

Live Appian product announcement overview webinars, produced especially for members of Appian Forum, will be conducted later this week.  If you’re a Forum member, please register to attend the live webinar. As usual, a recording will be made available on the Appian Forum software download page for this release.

Here’s the schedule:

Europe – Product Announcement Webinar

  • Thursday, October 9, 12 pm – 1 pm BST (London time zone)

Americas – Product Announcement Webinar

  • Thursday, October 9, 12 pm – 1 pm EDT (Washington, D.C. time zone)

Australia – Product Announcement Webinar

  • Friday, October 10, 12 pm – 1 pm AEST (Sydney time zone)

Not a member of Appian Forum? Please register for an account at


Zach Messler

Director, Product Marketing