Appian Product Release: Always On, Always Ready!

Disasters can happen at anytime. And, as some have learned, they can even impact your critical systems operating in the cloud. So what can protect your critical business processes from a major disaster? A well-architected and robust cloud infrastructure.

Appian has always been focused on providing a leading cloud BPM platform that’s also the most secure and reliable. The latest release of the Appian enterprise application platform increases that reliability even more with the new Appian Cloud High Availability (HA) offering.

Appian Cloud HA provides full replication of a customer’s hot environment across multiple and redundant full data centers. Each data center is an entire building completely isolated from another. This is a massive amount of infrastructure for a single, important purpose…Ensuring maximum uptime for our customers.

This latest release of Appian also comes with a bevy of other great updates that you won’t want to miss, such as…

To learn more about Appian Cloud HA and this latest release of Appian, please register for the upcoming Product Release Webinar, available for all Appian Forum members:

Europe – Product Announcement Webinar

Thursday, October 20th, 12 pm – 1:00 pm GMT (London time zone)

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Americas – Product Announcement Webinar

Thursday, October 20th, 12 pm – 1:00 pm EDT (Washington, D.C. time zone)

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Australia – Product Announcement Webinar

Friday, October 21st, 12 pm – 1:00 pm AEDT (Sydney time zone)

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As with previous product announcement webinars, this event will provide a detailed overview of all new capabilities and changes with a live demo of key features.

Live participants will be free to ask questions. If you cannot attend one of our live sessions, a recording will be made available on Appian Forum.

So, join me! Register and come see what is new with Appian! Registration is open to all Appian customers and partners and requires an Appian Forum ID. If you need access to Appian Forum for more information on Appian’s product, you can register here.

Malcolm Ross, VP, Product