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5 Ways to Crush Your Digital Transformation Goals

With the constant acceleration of expectations, it almost doesn’t matter what line of  business you are in, really.  All organizations will face growing pressure to operate at DIGITAL SPEED. To come out on top in this fast-moving environment… to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack, means taking your app development game to another ... Read More

Digital Transformation to Drive Customer Experience

Digital Transformation is becoming one of, if not the, most important initiatives for healthcare payers in the coming years. Eliminating inefficiencies, reducing complexities, and streamlining processes are all vital to improving the customer experience. With digital transformation, you can create a more holistic view of members allowing for a greater understanding of member’s needs. Having ... Read More

Unleashing the Fantastic Power of Digital Transformation

Imagine, if you will, a world of wizardry…in a time not so long ago… in a place not so far away. A low-code wizard comes to town with a magical platform, and discovers a tribe of skeptics (called no-low-coders), who fearfully hide from the frightening menace of digital disruption.  It turns out that the wizard’s platform is ... Read More

Meet Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud [Infographic]

Staying on top of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, as laws govern everything from fraud prevention and product labeling to shipping and storage processes. GxP standards are adding another layer of regulatory complexity as they push organizations to ramp up operations in light of the 21st century ... Read More

App Innovation Critical in Engaging Millennial Workforce

Millennials are gaining a stronghold in today’s enterprise. As individuals who grew up with access to internet-connected technologies become part of the workforce, organizations are facing mounting pressure to ramp up their app capabilities. Application development platforms can enable businesses to keep up with a demanding generation of tech-savvy workers, especially as these individuals demand ... Read More

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation at Appian World 2017

Appian World 2017 is the single destination for everything you need to accelerate meaningful digital business transformation. Learn how to fast-track your digital transformation with The Appian Platform in the infographic below. Register today and join us in San Francisco! Learn More & Register » Read More

Customer Experiences Central to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a period of sweeping change as digital technologies take hold across the sector. For a long time, the goals behind digital innovation came out of the industry itself, with initiatives focusing on reducing the cost of care, freeing clinical staff from clerical work, eliminating errors and improving ... Read More

Low-Code Fastbreak: How to Slam Dunk Your Digital Transformation Goals

The fastbreak…it’s one of the most exciting plays in basketball. A speedy transition from defense to offense…where players sprint down the court and score before the defense has a chance to set.  There’s a parallel in the digital economy, where the name of the game is speed. To compete and win, you need to stay ahead ... Read More

The Magic in Customer Experience

Do you believe in magic? I do.   I’ve seen a caterpillar magically transform into a butterfly… David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China… Even beer flow from an iPad at Oktoberfest! These magical events rely on a combination of natural behavior, hard work, and innovative technology. Guess what? So does delivering great ... Read More

The Veteran Centric Experience

Earlier this month I attended the National Veterans Small Business Engagement in Minneapolis, along with other members of our Public Sector team here at Appian. Throughout the three days of the conference, there were diverse speaker sessions, and various vendors that touched on how veteran small businesses can be successful, and the Department of Veterans ... Read More