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San Francisco (I’ll Meet You There With Powerful Software)

Ah, San Francisco. The City by the Bay. Just under 50 square miles, this hilly, urban city is widely recognized as the most technologically innovative place in the country…if not the world! Since the founding of Hewlett Packard spurred the Silicon Valley tech boom in the 1960s, to the flourishing entrepreneurial startup culture that thrives ... Read More

The Digital Insurer

Digital technology is reshaping virtually all aspects of life. From how you order at a restaurant, to how you change the channel on your TV, everything is evolving. The same holds true for the insurance industry. In their recent report “The State of Digital Insurance,” Forrester Research found digitally empowered customers have fundamentally changed how ... Read More

[Infographic] The Impact of Dynamic Case Management on the Customer Experience

A recent Forrester Research Study found that a “great customer experience means meeting customer needs across all interactions.” But how can businesses achieve this without having a central view of the customer throughout their journey? View the infographic below to learn how Dynamic Case Management and The Appian Platform can better equip your employees to ... Read More

Digital Transformation Industry Tracks At Appian World 2017

Your path to digital transformation might not have as many twists and turns as San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street. Even so – just as when navigating the crookedest street, the more informed and prepared you are, the faster your way forward. That’s why you should make your journey include Appian World 2017, where we have expanded our Industry Tracks ... Read More

Machine Learning, App Platforms, Offer Opportunity to Drive Enterprise Gains

Process automation has long helped businesses save their employees from tedious tasks, letting users focus on value creation. Machine learning systems housed within enterprise app platforms can take automation to another level, providing a vital layer of intelligence and progress that is only achievable when key data is integrated across diverse lines of business. Considering ... Read More

8 Ways to Set Your Digital Transformation Journey in Motion

A simple Google search for “digital transformation” returns a solid eight million results. But, what exactly does it mean? And, what does it take for an organization to achieve it? For those interested in getting a grasp on digital transformation, do not miss the upcoming Appian World event in San Francisco. From Monday, April 3rd ... Read More

Leveraging Actionable Data to Improve Care

The healthcare industry is in a period of transition. This is no secret. With the dawn of the Affordable Care Act, and the changes that may come to it over the next few years, healthcare payers are thinking more and more about how they can better serve their members. With this, payers want to find ... Read More

App Platforms, Bimodal Strategies Can Help CIOs Fuel Digital Innovation

The technology demands of the modern enterprise are so great that IT departments can, understandably, have a difficult time keeping up. Businesses that want to transform around digital operations must connect data across diverse app ecosystems, support a wide array of device types, interact with disparate cloud services and keep up with a staggering pace ... Read More