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The Revolution Will Be Automated

The analyst team at Forrester have coined a new term to define a revolution they see happening in BPM: “Process Populism.” They are talking about the increasing hue and cry from the business (process professionals and business users) demanding “greater collaboration and inclusion across all phases of the process lifecycle.” I think Forrester has nailed ... Read More

BPM: Not Just for End Customers Anymore

Industry analysts are now labeling BPM as a “mainstream” technology based on its growing level of adoption among end-user organizations. There is another equally powerful indication: the growing hunger among software and hardware companies to embed BPM platforms to improve and speed delivery of their own goods and services. The reasons for this trend are ... Read More

Take Aim at Lean BPM

There’s a lot of discussion right now about applying Lean principles to BPM initiatives – and for good reason. BPM is about removing waste across the enterprise and maximizing all facets of performance, ultimately to enhance the delivery of goods, services and support to customers. Lean is a philosophy and methodology for creating maximum value ... Read More

Cut to the Chase – BPM Learning Labs in London

One problem with “hot” technology markets like BPM is that while industry hype raises awareness of the need, it also breeds lots of confusion for end user organizations. Industry pundits are ratcheting up the urgency meter, exclaiming that “BPM is mainstream” and if you’re not in the game, you’re falling behind. At the same time, ... Read More

BPM – The Next Stage of End-User Programming

Appian Principal Consultant Glenn Smith has just published the second installment of his 2-part look at “BPM – The Next Stage of End-User Programming” on In Part 1, Glenn discussed the feasibility of using commercial BPM systems as a platform for end-user programming. In Part 2, he examines the value of doing so. As he states in ... Read More

Making Good On “Accelerated BPM”

Yesterday, we announced a new customer deployment in the UK that demonstrates our commitment to delivering accelerated BPM value. Pinnacle People, a provider to the UK government, deployed the Appian BPM Suite from start to Phase 1 production go-live in only 20 days. The deployment meets a very timely need. As the prime contractor to ... Read More

(Nearly) Everyone Wins in the Savvion Deal

For years, Appian’s nearest competition was Lombardi, followed by Savvion.  In just under a month, both have been acquired. While Savvion had long ago faded from competitive viability, its acquisition by Progress Software puts neat punctuation to the era of crowded and overlapping BPM pure-plays – ending it, as it were, with a bang. Nearly ... Read More

The BPM Choice Becomes Easier

Appian’s goal has always been to be the top pure-play BPM company. The road from where we stand to that place has never been clearer than it is right now. You have heard by now that IBM is buying Lombardi. We welcome this transaction, as it will help us to achieve our goal more quickly. ... Read More

Accelerating ROI – New Research

New research from Aberdeen Group validates what many business and IT leaders have discovered for themselves: accelerating process improvement efforts with BPM is yielding significant returns as organizations continue to grapple with the unstable global economy. The new report, called “BPM Accelerated: Slashing Cost and Time with Agile Business Processes,” uses Aberdeen’s methodology of Best-in-Class, ... Read More

A Look Ahead to 2010

Appian is ready to help your business succeed in 2010. The more than 300 attendees who joined us for the recent Appian FORUM09 conference heard two BPM luminaries share their thoughts on what matters for the future of BPM. Gartner’s Jim Sinur talked about “OpTempo” (accelerating operations to increase your ability to respond to changing ... Read More