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The Business of IT: Delivering Transformative Services Requires Process Improvement

IT departments are tasked with two primary, and sometimes competing, objectives. The first, driven by executive management, is to make IT transformative to the business through new and innovative services. The second, driven by the realities of complex technology infrastructures, is to fight the daily fires and do the maintenance and upgrades required just to ... Read More

Appian Forum Wrap-Up

A big thank you needs to go out to all those who attended the Appian Forum.  This was certainly a milestone event in the history of Appian and a fantastic education and networking event in building your BPM practice. The Appian Forum was kicked off by Forrester Vice President and Research Director Connie Moore.  Followed ... Read More

Appian / Mega Partnership

I’ve been waiting to blog about our partnership with Mega for a few weeks now.  We at Appian have been very busy with our recent Appian Forum event and Gartner BPM Show, and with those events behind us, there are many topics to catch up on. The Appian / Mega partnership is an exciting relationship ... Read More

More on BPM Centers of Excellence

Another member of Appian’s professional services organization, Medhat Galal, was chosen to provide insight for DM Review on an article entitled Centers of Excellence: The Path to Process Innovation Success.  In this article Medhat provides great insight in why organizations need a CoE to compliment any BPM initiative.  He also covers defining a CoE and setting ... Read More

BPM Centers of Excellence

Many organizations ask leading BPM companies like Appian how to really enforce process change and focus on process throughout their organization.  We continuously drive our customers towards what we call a Center of Excellence around business process management.  We have seen many organizations adopt variations of this approach and even seeing CIO’s and COO’s morph into ... Read More

Appian Forum

We at Appian are very excited to be hosting our first annual Appian Forum, our global user conference.  We set high goals for ourselves in attendance and quality of presentations, and so far have been exceeding those goals. If you have never been involved with organizing a global user conference, suffice to say, a lot ... Read More

Introducing the Appian Insight BPM Blog

Appian is pleased to make available this BPM blog to share insight on the Appian product, thoughts on the business process management market, implementation best practices, and BPM success stories. We plan to update this blog regularly with information readers will find useful in planning their own BPM implementations. This blog will feature a variety of insights ... Read More