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Green Clouds on the IT Horizon

Personally, I must admit, I’ve always been a little skeptical about corporations adopting the word “Green”.  I don’t believe many companies  truly fully adopt the “Green” term beyond the marketing department, and for basic economic reasons.  The reality is that corporations are mostly motivated by revenue generation and new “Green” technologies are expensive and an economic ... Read More

Welcome to BetterGov: Are We at the Dawn of an Effectiveness Revolution?

It is an inherent human trait to always strive to do things better.  Perhaps it is the roots of evolution that pushes us to continually improve both personally and professionally.   From an organizational perspective, in many ways government operates like a living organism that strives to be more efficient and more effective. Similar to the ... Read More

Appian 6 – Faster, Leaner, Easier

In the world of technology, is there such a thing as fast enough, lean enough, or easy enough? No.  Of course not!  We in software and technology are naturally obsessed with squeezing out a few nano-seconds in response time and trimming a few bytes off our footprint. This obsession in Appian has led to a great new ... Read More

The Technical Case for Case Management – Part 7 – The End – ???

Thanks for joining me in this series of 7 posts about The Technical Case for Case Management.  It’s been an interesting thought experiment and exciting to see the formation of what could be the next enterprise software trend or evolution of the BPM market.    I find myself asking “Will BPM evolve beyond process?” Case Management has much ... Read More

The Technical Case for Case Management – Part 6 – Reporting and Analysis

Welcome back to this series on The Technical Case for Case Management.  In previous posts I covered an Introduction to Case Management, Ad-Hoc Activities, Real-Time Events, Enterprise Content Management, and Collaboration.  The goal of each of these posts is to explore what technical features are required to truly have a comprehensive Case Management solution. In this ... Read More

The Technical Case for Case Management – Part 4 – Enterprise Content Management

In the previous three blog posts around the Technical Case for Case Management (Introduction, Ad-Hoc Activities, Real-Time Events and Business Intelligence) I’ve been posting my thoughts on what technical features are truly required to have a complete case management solution. For today, I’ll be raising the requirement for native Enterprise Content Management (ECM) when building ... Read More

Appian CEO Named “Exec of the Year” Finalist

We’re proud to say that our CEO Matthew Calkins has been named one of only seven finalists in the 2010 American Business Awards in the category of “Executive of the Year – Computer Software (Up to 2,500 Employees).” The ABA’s (known as “the Stevies”) are the nation’s premier business awards program. More than 2,700 entries from ... Read More

The Technical Case for Case Management – Part 2 – Ad-Hoc Activities

In my previous post, I introduced the topic on the technical case for case management.  As case management gets more and more buzz in the BPM community, I believe it is important to define what everyone is talking about in technical terms.  Specifically, what are the exact features that can ensure a customer has all the tools necessary ... Read More