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SaaS BPM Improves Healthcare Case Management

The demand for BPM-based Dynamic Case Management solutions in the healthcare industry continues to grow. The fact is, using BPM software raises the level of patient care and supports better health outcomes. It does this by enabling more efficient patient on-boarding and administrative management, faster and more effective diagnosis, increased collaboration between treatment professionals, and improved ... Read More

Why Government is Turning to BPM for Acquisition Solutions

What are the biggest momentum-killers for any government acquisition and procurement project? If you guessed a) lack of a process-focused method, resulting in massive amounts of paper work and administrative overhead, and b) the need for more trained contracting officers in federal service, you are correct. And, if you also guessed lost savings, then you ... Read More

Next Step Ubiquity: BPM and Government

The textbook definition of the term ubiquitous is “being everywhere at the same time, or being constantly encountered.”  Ubiquity of business and IT services supports the drive for increased agency effectiveness, cross-agency collaboration and constituent inclusivity.  The term is very apropos for what is happening today as the government increasingly adopts Business Process Management (BPM). ... Read More

AnyDoc Software Partners with Appian to Deliver Process-Enabled Document and Data Solutions

AnyDoc Software, a leading provider of automated document, data capture, and classification solutions, and Appian, the global innovator in enterprise and on-demand business process management (BPM) technology, today announced that AnyDoc will develop and deliver the next generation of document processing solutions by combining AnyDoc’s industry-leading document processing technologies with the Appian BPM platform. Through ... Read More

Appian Developer Tips and Tricks Webinar – June 24th

Calling all Appian Developers! Appian is proud to announce the first in an ongoing series of monthly webinars highlighting Appian Tips and Tricks for Appian Developers and Process Modelers. Each of these webinars will feature presentations, training, and sample demonstrations from the Appian Technology staff who contributed to building the feature in discussion. In our first ... Read More

PODCAST: Wounded Warrior Application Speeds Rehabilitation for Wounded U.S. Soldiers

It’s a great thing when doing well intersects with doing good. This concept was recently reinforced by an announcement from both Appian and CollaboraLink Technologies that highlights the availability of the Wounded Warrior application. The Wounded Warrior application was developed by CollabraLink, and it leverages Appian’s out-of-the-box Case Management capabilities. Wounded Warrior speeds the processes ... Read More

Process Fever: Why Now? Why Government?

When a major trend grabs hold of a large population, it’s called a “fever.” Remember disco fever? Well, government is on the cusp of experiencing “process fever,” meaning that it will be fundamentally changing its processes for the better. And, this will be a very long-lasting trend. Major government mandates under the Obama Administration, such ... Read More