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Throwing down the Gauntlet with Appian 6

The past 6 months have been some of the most exciting times for Appian on all fronts, from dramatic market consolidation, to amazing customer growth for Appian.  It seems this cycle of success for Appian really kicked off with the release of Appian’s most powerful BPM platform yet, Appian 6.  Appian 6 has dramatically accelerated ... Read More

Q1 Success and Building the Future of BPM

Last week, Appian released its Q1 results.  Generally, we keep quarterly results to ourselves and do semiannual ‘momentum’ press releases.  This time we publicized the quarter, for two reasons: it was awfully good, and it’s ‘quadrant season’ for the major analyst firms so all good news helps. We grew 58% over last quarter (not last ... Read More

BPM—Changing how you do business – ETM Podcast Roundtable

I had another chance to speak with Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) in a roundtable podcast hosted by Dana Gardner from Interarbor Solutions and a couple other BPM vendors.   Topics in this roundtable discussion included different perspectives on current and future trends in Business Process Management, the evolving role of IT over the next decade, and modern day SOA ... Read More

Uniting Process Architecture and Execution – Whitepaper

At Appian, we’ve seen a growing interest in the market to unite traditional Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis modeling (EA/BPA) with executable BPM diagrams.  Despite consolidation in the market between EA/BPA tools and BPM execution frameworks, the historical results of integration have been poor, with disjointed development, to much “Lost in Translation”, and a lack of ... Read More

IT/Business – Shared Purpose – Podcast with ETM

I recently had the opportunity to sit down in a podcast with Ali Klaver, Managing Editor of Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) to discuss the growth of BPM inside corporations, common benefits customers are realizing with BPM and how BPM is increasing the collaboration between IT and business. We certainly live in exciting times in the BPM industry.  We have ... Read More

Get in Shape for the Business Technology Transformation

The analysts at Forrester are talking about a business technology transformation they are seeing; one that they have defined as a shift from “Information Technology (IT)” to “Business Technology (BT).” On a recent webinar, VP and Research Director Connie Moore cited a move away from the traditional notion of “business & IT alignment” to a ... Read More

BPM in the Cloud – Approaching Its Day in the Sun

There’s no doubt about the growing interest in consuming Business Process Management software as a service via public or private Cloud models. Yet as leading IT analysis firms have only fairly recently acknowledged on-premise BPM as a truly “mainstream” enterprise technology, organizations can’t be blamed for wondering about the maturity of BPM in the Cloud. ... Read More

The Revolution Will Be Automated

The analyst team at Forrester have coined a new term to define a revolution they see happening in BPM: “Process Populism.” They are talking about the increasing hue and cry from the business (process professionals and business users) demanding “greater collaboration and inclusion across all phases of the process lifecycle.” I think Forrester has nailed ... Read More

BPM: Not Just for End Customers Anymore

Industry analysts are now labeling BPM as a “mainstream” technology based on its growing level of adoption among end-user organizations. There is another equally powerful indication: the growing hunger among software and hardware companies to embed BPM platforms to improve and speed delivery of their own goods and services. The reasons for this trend are ... Read More

Take Aim at Lean BPM

There’s a lot of discussion right now about applying Lean principles to BPM initiatives – and for good reason. BPM is about removing waste across the enterprise and maximizing all facets of performance, ultimately to enhance the delivery of goods, services and support to customers. Lean is a philosophy and methodology for creating maximum value ... Read More