Join Us: DIA EuroMeeting in Glasgow, UK

Knowledge sharing and debate are at the root of innovation. Discussing challenges and solutions with fellow thought leaders and professionals in an open, unbiased environment establishes a healthy climate for collaboration and progress. It is that spirit that drives DIA’s (Drug Information Association) mission in the healthcare industry.

DIA is trusted by healthcare professionals around the world for fostering a neutral environment to discuss and debate industry hot topics and trends. In their continual effort to encourage innovation in healthcare, DIA will host their 29th annual EuroMeeting in Glasgow, UK from March 29-31.

This year’s theme “Translational Health Care: From Bench to Bedside and Back” will focus on the patient’s role throughout the drug product life cycle. Stop by Appian’s exhibitor booth #F7 for interactive demos relating to this topic, and discuss digital transformation in life sciences with me, Evi Cohen. I will be joined by several other Appian experts to answer any questions you may have about transforming the product life cycle.

While you’re already in Glasgow for DIA, please join us for an exclusive VIP dinner on March 29 at 19:30pm at nearby restaurant Bothy. We will be discussing:

  • Key challenges that are facing life sciences CIOs and IT executives, and how other leading companies in your industry are addressing them
  • Leveraging a digital transformation platform and best practices to improve probability of success
  • Information technology to enable mobility, low-code development, and rapid deployment
  • Innovative ways to leverage proven technology while enhancing processes and delivering greater efficiency

The dinner is free of charge, however seating is limited. Interested parties can send an email to to request a reservation and receive an invitation.

If you haven’t yet, register for the DIA EuroMeeting, and make the most out of your experience: take a seat at the table, join the discussion, and be sure to stop by our booth to continue the conversation! Use the DIA Global mobile app (access included with registration) to bookmark Appian’s exhibitor booth #F7, then visit us using the interactive floor plan.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally at to set up individual time for meetings. I hope to see you there!


Evi Cohen