How to Automate Clinical, Safety, and Business Processes with Innovative Technology

Safety. Efficiency. Automation.

What industry doesn’t need these things to have their business processes run smoothly?

Pharmaceutical companies are no different. Except in Pharma, there are even more challenges, especially when it comes to healthcare regulatory compliance, patents, and so much more.

Perhaps the biggest challenge? Being first to market. When it comes to efficiency and speed, time to market matters. If you’re not the first to market, you may as well be the last. And, not only do you want to get your product out there, you have to be sure it’s passed every single safety check…be confident it serves consumers exactly as intended. Miss these and you cannot keep your brand’s reputation for excellence in check.

On June 23rd, these items, along with several others, will be addressed during a  webinar hosted by Appian and Perficient. We’ll also touch on:

  • Building your investigator database
  • Avoiding mailing/shipping delays to sites
  • Minimizing chasing site documents
  • Improving site document compliance
  • Accelerating time to submission and time to market
  • Regulatory information management

I’m excited to be speaking about how Appian can automate clinical, safety and pharmacovigilance, and business processes during this event, along with Param Singh, the Director of Clinical Operations for Perficient.

Whether you’re in clinical operations, safety and pharmacovigilance, or a back-office department, Business Process Management solutions can be used to address virtually any business challenge that involves a process.

We will both be showing you how you can make the work of pharmaceuticals more systematic.

The webinar will be held June 23rd at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Follow this link, and you can easily sign up and add it to your calendar. Questions? Want to check before or after the event? Send me an e-mail at

Evi Cohen
Global Practice Lead, Life Sciences
Appian Corporation