Leveraging Actionable Data to Improve Care

The healthcare industry is in a period of transition.

This is no secret.

With the dawn of the Affordable Care Act, and the changes that may come to it over the next few years, healthcare payers are thinking more and more about how they can better serve their members.

With this, payers want to find more efficient and effective ways to gather more data in order to create a more complete view of their members and their health. Payers must then work closely with providers and members to help generate this understanding, granting access to more timely and actionable information to help improve care.

Gathering all that data, tracking it, and using it in a way that will better serve members and providers can seem like a daunting task, though.

We’ll be discussing how healthcare payers can generate actionable member data, and more during a live webinar I’m excited to be a part of on Wednesday, December 14th at 1:00 p.m. eastern.

During this webinar, titled, “How to Make Data Actionable to Improve Provider and Member Engagement,” I’ll be joined by Tab Harris, the Senior Director of Provider Connectivity Solutions and EDI Operations from Florida Blue.

Throughout this one hour webinar we’ll be discussing how to use this valuable data to:

  • Aggregate into a single, unified location
  • Analyze in order to discern key takeaways
  • Present in a way that enables improvement in health outcomes

We’ll also touch on several common provider and member engagement challenges such as:

  • Accessing patient data in disparate systems
  • Incorporating patient-generated health data and other information
  • Integrating and presenting data analytics in a useful way
  • Preparing for new and emerging member and provider data needs, no matter what legislative changes happen

If you’re interested in attending, head over to the registration page here to sign up. Even if this particular date and time don’t work for your schedule, send me over an e-mail at Scott.Polansky@appian.com and I’ll make sure a recording of the webinar is sent to you after the event.

Scott Polansky
Healthcare Payer Industry Leader, Appian