The New Digital Impact on Customer Loyalty

In the past, winning over customers in the financial services industry was all about using business process management (BPM) technology to make tasks easier and more accessible for the consumer. Now, customer loyalty is increasingly determined by a financial institution’s ability to assist customers, rather than just the ability to help customers help themselves.

This requires greater focus on the digital capabilities enabling front-line staff — giving employees the right customer-centric information views to facilitate customers along their journey.

But how can customer centricity be accomplished when legacy systems can’t keep up?

The true challenge many have is deciding where and how to start the necessary digital transformation to drive customer centricity.

Register for the CEB webinar, Digital’s True Impact: Service-First and Customer-Driven Outcomes on Thursday, October 20, 2016 11 am EDT – 12 pm EDT to discover an innovative approach to exceeding customer expectations.

This webinar, sponsored by Appian, will cover:

  • Using consumer survey data to better understand loyalty drivers and servicing needs
  • Ways to enable employees to have more successful customer interactions
  • Opportunities to tie unmet product needs based on service success
  • Real instances where organizations have overcome obstacles and instituted innovation

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